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We Miss You Casey

Last Monday we received a call that Casey only had a few hours to live due to his failing health. Went to see him and it was hard, sad and yet I know he knew from all those around him he was loved. He wasn't able to talk, but certainly could see and hear all of us. His family needed those precious last few hours so I didn't stay long. (Tommy was out of state so couldn't be there). As I left there I couldn't stop crying...oh its hard to lose people you love isn't it? I do believe though God just gently spoke to me that Casey knew he was loved by many, he knew God loved him....and Casey loved God.

Life is short as we always hear and yet it seems we don't quite get that until someone passes away we love. Let's resolve to LOVE WELL EVERYDAY TO EVERYONE!

Here are some pictures of Casey that we have had through the years--what a funny, caring, silly person he was. He will be missed.

* One example of his funny character is: Whenever I would see him he would say "Gina, did you know the human head weighs 8 pounds?" He had a way of making you laugh and that's what we will miss!

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