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-- Our Mission --


To meet the spiritual and tangible needs of the homeless by being the hands and feet of Christ. We do this by going each week to the homeless community in our area. We bring with us a team of volunteers who are ready to listen, pray and encourage those we meet.We also bring, food, clothing and most important the love  and hope of Jesus Christ each week and meet people right where they are.. It's easy.

-- Who Is The Blessed Portion Ministries? --

We are a non for profit (501 c3) ministry that helps meet the spiritual and tangible needs of the homeless by being the hands and feet of Christ to those in Fort Wayne Indiana. Each Friday night we take a team of volunteers and head out with a van full of tangible items, food, water and meet our friends on the streets. We spend time listening and praying for them and by doing so we have developed some wonderful friendships from being consistent and have worked hard to gain and keep the trust of those we serve.

We truly love what we do and love how we see God work in the lives of so many. We understand that there are those who are broken, hurt and have seen many reasons for homelessness. Our job is not to judge those who are homeless, but are called to love on them where they are...physically, mentally and spiritually. We are not about enabling one to stay homeless but understand it may be a slow process for many. Our role is to consistently offer hope through Jesus Christ, encourage those who need help to overcome addictions, repetitive cycles of wrong thinking to seek help through many programs that are available. We also every Sunday morning we pick up people who are wanting to go to church--we tend to have about 20-25 each week which is a blessing to see so many wanting to worship.

--TBPM Key Partners --

Pathway Community Church

Grace Summit Church

Hamilton Church of Christ

Mjs Apparel

--Board Members--

Tommy Burns

Gina Burns

Bill Chastain

Julie Nicholson

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