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Friday Night 6-9-23

Blessed Portion Friday Update 7-9-23

Hello everyone-

Tonight, there was a lot of people out and it was nice to see so many who I haven’t been able to talk too in a while. Traci White and her crew made plenty of food and thankfully we had enough left over for us to bring to the 13th Step House.

The big need tonight was blankets, and we are totally OUT!! If anyone has blankets, comforters that they no longer are using we could use them. Items do not need to be brand new- just in good shape. Our drop off sites are Mjs Apparel in Garrett and Pathway Community Church in Fort Wayne. —big thanks.

Tonight, there was so much to catch up on. People who were outside two weeks ago have now found a place inside. One man is inside a friend’s house and in the basement. We finally had some clothes that were size so he left with a bag full of items. I’m so glad he is inside and not outside. Streets seem to be getting tougher and tougher, and you hear more and more situations happening because of the outside living conditions. We got to see some little ones and as you know they always pull at our heart strings. Got to see several who it has been years since were saw them and they look and sound good! Its nice to see people at their absolute worst to then seeing looking and sounding so healthy.

While at the 13th step house there were a few hanging out after their meeting that we were able to talk with. One man sat alone with his 3 fully filled notebooks. There was not left one opening to write on. He shared how writing things down helps him to remember and how writing is good for him. After talking with him for a minute he said, “Thank you for talking with me for asking me questions, it makes it seem you care.” Funny how that is not the same explanation I get from my kids when I ask so many questions. He told us about how old he was, when he met Jesus, how many children he had and about his past that hasn’t been easy. He shared that Jesus is the most important person in his life and said, “We all have to respond to tragedy the way we do to triumph, to be able to find the good in everything.” He Definitely had a good point there.

So, our night as a team consisted of Matt and Mandi Yager, their two sons Cruz, and Andrew. We also had Michael Jordan, Todd Plimpton, Jackie Aldrich, Traci White and her crew, Mark Church and the nice random lady passing by who blessed us with a financial donation.

We also at the end of the night as we walked around found our friend (alive) who we thought through the rumor mill that he was dead. He is alive and kicking and seems to be doing ok.

So that was our night- great weather, great food and good conversations.

We still need clothing donations NO WOMENS OR CHILDRENS CLOTHING PLEASE. We just need men’s summer clothing, socks, men’s boxers, tennis shoes, small tents, we need blankets BADLY!! If you would also like to give a monetary donation you can through The Blessed Portion Ministries P.O. Box 188 Garrett Indiana, or you can go to and make a tax exempt donation. Please consider helping us as we serve those who are in need!!

Have a great week everyone and thankyou to Pathway Community Church, Grace Summit Church, Renee and her family for making snack bags each week, Todd Plimpton, Jacquie Aldrich, Michael Jordan, Mark Church and his friend, Hamilton Church of Christ and everyone who made sure we had items in the Pathway bins….thank you everyone !


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