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Friday Night Update

Blessed Portion Friday Update For 5-3-22

Hello Everyone,

What a great night we had- so nice to have some warm weather and no rain!! Toby and his team made a yummy casserole, rolls, and salad for everyone and it was amazing! We are thankful they serve our friends every month and we're so proud of how hard Toby has worked on his life. He has come a long way and loves serving others and were thankful we get to serve with him.

Our friend Duane as you know has gone through some major problems the last 3 years with his foot and leg, and as you know he has never complained about anything. We wanted to do something nice for him since he got his new leg. Getting new shoes is always a blessing I think, and I believe he felt the same way. He said he was thankful for them, and I am reminded again of the things I take for granted. Duane will never ask for anything….and that’s another reason we wanted to bless him…he's completely selfless. So thank you everyone for donating to this ministry so we can bless others!

We also saw a family come together as one. This lady has been missing her children for so long and

was able to have them for 2 weeks. She brought them down for us to see. Such cute little ones. They also all 4 came to church Sunday and I think the littles loved our KidCity area. Hoping they will be back.

We heard some praises tonight and some prayer requests. We talked about how when tough times hit where is our “hope” from? Where do we draw our strength from? An example we shared was how we just found out that our main support beam under our house is slipping and the beam needs replaced asap. The concrete block is split and is ¾ of the way sunken in…so needless to say. I was in tears and freaking out. The whole process is so much money and more than we have. Hoping that our insurance will cover some of it. My first reaction was not “God will take care of this” …it was “I'm afraid, worried and what will we do?” As I was driving downtown I heard God say to me “Gina, what's your foundation?” Those are those moments when you go “Oh man, I am sorry Lord.” So that is what we talked about with our friends. That there are always going to be hard times, but what is our foundation? Where is our faith slipping? How can we do better? For many of our friends, their whole life has been a mess, with no direction, no support, and that causes issues. When we come on the scene it's more than just Hey, get a. job, or get an apartment” …its more of us listening, and hearing them------really hearing them and then walking with them. Then introducing them to Jesus and us being an example of how Jesus does love us and promises to help us no matter what it is…..even a faulty beam.

We also had a friend at the 13th Step House reach out wanting a ride to church Sunday and that always makes us happy. God is doing good things everyone and our whole team is learning more and more about Jesus and ourselves as we serve others. God has asked us to do this each week and thankfully he lets us because it's been such an amazing journey since November of 2011!! Pray for our friends, please. One friend was trying to help him get his birth certificate mailed to him and hopefully get his personal stuff cleared up and that is a challenge but we're going to do all that we can!! Thank you everyone for praying, supporting, donating, and volunteering. We are so appreciative.

We currently need men's jeans….we are totally out! We also need men's shirts sizes large and above, men's tennis shoes, small 7x7 tents, and men's underwear. Remember nothing needs to be brand new, just clean and in decent shape. PLEASE do not give us any sheets, women's, kids' clothing, or household goods at this time we do not have a need for those.

Thank you to Pathway Community Church, Grace Summit Church, Hamilton Church of Christ, Randy and Cherri Thomas Mjs Apparel, Mark and lynn Stebing, Mr Schwartz, Todd Plimpton, Jacquie Aldrich, Michael Jordan, and everyone who makes lunches on Sunday for our friends after church!! Thank you all so much!


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