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Friday Night Update 10-6-23

Blessed Portion Friday Update

“Help us to not just go to church, BUT to be the church”

Hello Everyone,

Tonight, we fed in the rain but it didn’t affect us because Yager Electric donated two large tents and they are amazing. Traci White and Tammy were thrilled to be able to serve the meal they brought under the shelter of two tents. Thank you Yager Electric for your generosity – it made a huge difference tonight!! Our friends had a hot meal once again with Traci white, Tammy, and their crew and we so appreciate it!

As everyone knows we do take time to pray with our friends each week, and this week was no different. One man in particular shared how he lost his job and the complications between him and his boss. That then led to more conversations about how much he has endured in his life. It’s very difficult to see people cry as they share about their lives. Our friend was broken tonight, and being able to let it out was healing I believe. We were able to pray with him asking God to comfort and lead him. It’s a privilege to pray with others and we do not come across too many people who refuse someone to pray with them.

Talked with another friend who recently got a job and is thrilled!!! He is eager to get working and that is always encouraging. We were able to give him a few items he needed and that is because of everyone’s generosity to this ministry. Hats, gloves, blankets, and coats were the items people needed tonight and thankfully we didn’t have to tell anyone no. The weather is quickly changing and we are in need of gloves and blankets. If you would look in your closets to see if you have any items to donate we would appreciate it. We also buy items from secondhand stores so if you would like to donate financially you can through our website at or mail to The Blessed Portion Ministries P.O. Box 188 Garrett Indiana 46738. We are a non-profit ministry so all donations are eligible for a tax write-off.

The quote at the beginning of this post was by a friend who asked if he could pray tonight before we finished up. I love what he said and I will never forget it. We have a big mission field on the streets each week. Helping people know that Jesus loves them is vital, and Tommy and I never take that for granted. Thank you for partnering with us each week!

Thank you to Pathway Community Church, Grace Summit, Renee and her family for making the snack bags, Hamilton Church of Christ, Michael Jordan, Rochelle Wilson, Mandi Yage and her crew, Yager Electric, Chris King, Randy and Cherri Thomas, Mjs Apparel, Mark and lynn Stebing, and all of you who donate each week items we need!!! Thank you!


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