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Fridayn Update

Blessed Portion Friday Update For 12-3-21

Hello Everyone,

Here are a few pictures of our Christmas tree shenanigans for this year. Richard, Mellissa and Dougie, and The 13Th Step House was gracious in letting us come and decorate. Richard said he cannot remember when he last had a tree, and is now hoping for a Dallas Cowboys ornament. Dougie and Mellissa have been able to move into a better apartment and I’m sure their cat is enjoying the lights. Lastly, we went to The 13th Step House where Jason and Lance helped put up a tree for the residents there. Obviously, trees do not solve problems, but hopefully they provide a little cheer for our friends.

Tonight we had sloppy joes, chips, cookies and drinks from Traci White and her crew and we had enough left over to give to The 13th step house. Thank you, Tracie, for being willing to step in and make Friday possible.

A friend and I were talking tonight about his life and his history of drug abuse. He was very candid and humble about his mistakes. He shared towards the end how he knew when he was getting out of jail the next day, there was that moment of panic. He had wanted to get clean, and several times tried but ended up going back to what he knew. He said that he was on the phone with a person and was telling them how he was ready to go into a recovery program but didn’t trust himself to walk out of jail and take the few blocks walk to the recovery center. He said when you’re in that phase of life and have no friends really who are sober and healthy it’s so easy to go to what you know you shouldn’t. That for him if he walked out of jail he knew where he could go to get a hot shower, get some food and prolly some drugs…and he didn’t trust himself to not do it. He is now 100 days sober and is happy and peaceful. He is working the program and is proud of how far he has come, but also understands his weakness. All he really wants in life is a job, a home and a family…..a simple but good life. As he was sharing his story with me another friend was listening and he later said he knew that man was good inside, and he is. Doing the right thing is not always, and it usually costs us something, but so does making the wrong choice. We all have consequences of any choice we make. Making a lifestyle change requires determination, grit, strength and help from God to maintain it, but I know he can do it with Gods help. I enjoyed listening to him and hearing what has happened in his life, and I have to respect and admire his honesty and the new choices he is making!

Tonight, we gave out a lot of gloves, hats and batteries so thank you everyone for continuing to drop off items for our friends. It is getting more and more cold, so we appreciate everything. Remember to pray for those who are trying to stay sober and clean, pray for those who are struggling to make the right decision and pray for those who just cannot seem to get ahead….we all need prayer that is for sure!


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