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Friday Update for 10-25-19

Hello Everyone,

Going downtown tonight my mind was preoccupied if I was going to see my friend from last week who wanted to "Check out" but reassured me I would see him the following week.Thankfully he kept his word and I was so happy to see him!! Thank you for praying for him, please continue to do so as his week was a tad better.

Thankful for Kim Ted Shook who prepared hot Italian Chicken sandwiches, potato salad, beans and lots of yummy treats!!! Some people were able to have second and thirds which is awesome because it was a chilly night. We also celebrated two birthdays- one friend who is 45 and another 24, and was able to meet our sweetest new friend who is 8 days old--shes adorable!!! Met some new people tonight and saw some old friends. One lady we haven't seen in over a year. She looks peaceful and healthy and its comforting to know she is in a safe and healthy place.

Tonight the need seemed to be gloves, hats and jackets. So thankful to Michelle Cole Snyder because she brought a mix of hand-warmers, hats and gloves Thursday to us and I think we gave out all the gloves. Thank you Michelle, it was perfect timing. There were several who had nothing but the clothes they were wearing and we are so appreciative for those who donate so we can give to those in need.

Tonight we heard praises of how God is meeting needs in peoples lives and heard many prayer requests. So many have health issues and a few have cancer. Found out one friend is now in a nursing home and another friend has numerous areas of cancer in his body. Talked with some who don't where they will sleep and some who are trying to make the hard decisions to stay in recovery. Some are not in addiction, but do not have the funds to rent a place.....and so they struggle to find a place to sleep. One friend was sitting in a secluded place where two others were also sitting, and the situation was completely opposite. Its hard to see two completely different situations and know you cannot help. Hard to not be upset at the system so to speak and mad at people making choices that are wrong. Tommy thankfully stayed back a few minutes and talked with one of the friends and let him know we love him, we consider him family and encouraged him to keep moving forward as he is and that we will be there for him. Hard thing is we go get in our cars and go home and yet our hearts and minds are still downtown every day. For us and our team its not just a "Thing" we do. We consider it something we get to do and are privileged to be a part of peoples lives. To be able to pray with them, hear their praises and requests. See their victories and share in the hard times. We are privileged to see so many make it off the streets and out of shelters, and while we miss seeing them we get it. We are also every week inspired to the many still trying to figure it out. We also see a lot of changes in US along the way, and we see God pour Himself out in many ways and that is always super amazing!!

Thank you everyone for all the ways you help us help others!! It takes all of us doing our part and as we always say God is on the move !!! Thank you to Pathway Community Church, Grace Summit Church, Hamilton Church of Christ, Debbie Tran, John Gayday, Spencer Burns, Kim Ted Shook, Jacquie Aldrich, Tisha Branwell, Michael Casiano, Mjs Apparel, Auburn Massage and Wellness, Mark Stebing, Jennifer Lynne Diederich Stebing, Sarah Bigelow Lapadot, Jennifer Laux, Scott Wright, Olivia Ghent, Kyle Martin, Summer Martin,


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