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Friday Update For 1-28-2022

Hello Everyone, Tonight Granite Ridge Builders brought homemade cornbread, chicken and bean soup, oranges, bananas, cookies, and coffee!! We gave all it away-- thank you, Granite Ridge. Even though it was pretty cold we had several come down and it's always impressive to see that! Many are going place to place to find a safe spot to sleep and it's been challenging. Talked with a couple people who are new to the streets and they were thankful for some items to get them through this cold blast were having- so thank you!! We are also going to ask for no donations till about March right now. We have plenty of items and given our small space it can be a bit overwhelming. So please pause on the donations for right now and if we are in a situation where we need to ask we will. The man with this "Ice teardrop" was pretty incredible to see. Have to say that is the largest teardrop I have ever seen. A car in front of our friend when holding this turned their lights on and the red showed through and wow what a beautiful sight it was. Made me think of us. How we are called to let our "light" shine and how important it is. Like that ice teardrop, it was amazing just as it was, but when the light hit, it completely changed the whole look!! What a beautiful creation it was and it was all-natural. For us, the Bible says we are made in the image of God - which means were pretty beautiful as well. Then I thought of how God says we are to let our light shine before all men...the light of the Father who is in us. When we do the focus becomes on the light just as it did in this picture. That light can radically change anything!! So for us maybe we need to remember to check our "light levels" so to speak and ask ourselves are we shining for Christ to the best of our ability? We also shared a verse tonight that talks about when we put our trust in God, rely on Him that He will be faithful to us. There is nothing too impossible for Him to handle, its just comes down to our own self-reliance and that doesn't shine too well!! So thank you everyone for all you do for this ministry. We are enjoying our time at the 13th Step House each Friday getting to know them more and were thankful we are allowed to go and bring extra food and just hang out with some friends!! Have a good week and remember to ask someone to church this weekend, maybe even offer to give them a ride. Never know it may just change their life forever and just possibly yours as well!!


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