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Friday Update

Blessed Portion Friday Night Update For 1-29-2021

Hello Everyone:

Tonight we had a few who came that we haven't seen in a couple years. It was so nice to catch up and hear what has been going on in their lives. One of those people was a man we know and haven't seen in over a year. He shared tonight with complete transparency why we haven't seen him. He shared how he was involved heavily with heroin, fentanyl, and a few other things. Shared how he was in such a deep hole because of his addiction. How he ended up losing everything. He lost his girlfriend who passed away due to her own addictions, his kids, his job, and wrecked his car and had nowhere to go. Thankfully he is now at a recovery house and is sober and according to him, he is REALLY sober this time. Not wanting any other drugs, just wants Jesus in his life and seems to be doing well. It was such a blessing to see him and see the peace on his face. We are looking forward to seeing him on Fridays now and again God is good!

Thanks to my sweet ("French lady") as I call her Veronique Poudrier, and her husband David and their son Guillaume Poudrier we had pasta, rolls, salad, cookies, hot chocolate and it was yummy!! The pasta they made was very good and it was nice to see people have a hot meal. It takes a lot of work to feed people. The expense and time given is a lot and it does not go unnoticed...thank you Veronique and your family for being your sweet selves and serving our friends!

As we ended the night we prayed over a couple friends as they are staying sober and working hard to stay that way. Again love the transparency and so thankful none of us have to do life alone...we can do it together. It takes courage I believe to share your an addict and need help. It also shouldn't be a judgment on our end because we all have issues... it's just some are more visible than others.

Tonight was good and not quite as cold as last Friday and nice to see people knowing where we are that they can come and get some food. One man needed a pair of boots and we found some but they were about a 1/2 size too big. He was SO cold and I opened the door of my van so he could sit down and change shoes. As he took his shoes off his poor feet were wet, cold and the socks were pretty thin and dirty. He was shivering so I offered a little assistance to get some new warm socks on and once they were, he immediately let out a sigh of relief how good that felt--nice to have some warmth.

So thank you for the donations of socks, boots, gloves, and hats (we gave out several of those as well) Please know all your donations are needed and appreciated....its nice to see something so simple make such a huge difference.

* Just a reminder: We are getting children and women clothes and we do not need any of those right now. We appreciate the thoughts but we just do not have a need for those. Also if you donate clothes please make sure clothes and all items are in bags. We appreciate our drop off sites and do not want to make it messy for them.

Thank you very much!!


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