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Friday Update 4-24-2020

Hello Everyone,

Tonight our good friends Kathy Hartman and those from Granite Ridge Builders brought the famous Coney Island chili dogs, oranges, bananas, chips and we had some homemade cookies from Nolan and Elise Heywood McMahon. It was nice to have something different and it went over so well. Friday nights are made possible by so many people and its pretty special to see it all come together. So thank you everyone for making the dinner tonight possible!

Not being able to attend church is getting harder and harder for our friends, so many want to get back to their routine. With the library being closed and many not having phones or wifi they are not even able to watch online and that is hard. We did talk football though with some friends as the draft took place and yes the Seattle Seahawks came up!! I don't seem to find any real takers for my special team which leads to some harmless and fun banter.

There are many who are not staying at the Rescue Mission but instead are at a church. We haven't seen much of them because they like to get in line around 7 to make sure they have a cot because its first come first serve because of limited space. So tonight seeing some friends we haven't seen was great. One friend said right away that he is still sober and that is amazing. For him to be homeless and yet continue to stay sober despite his circumstances is so inspiring.

We ended up staying longer than normal just talking a little bit longer. There came up 3 people looking for some food and we had to tell them it was all gone. One remaining friend though had 3 hot dogs in a to- go container and he gave it to them. He didn't even think about it...just gave them away. Things like that I hope always convicts and teaches me to do the same thing without any hesitation. One thing we have learned from doing this ministry is that things like that happen a lot and its beautiful.

So we had a good night and it always blesses us to see so many who are committed to serving our community of friends. We know that God is always watching and giving all of us opportunities to serve and love others and we are thankful we get to do this.

Thank you to everyone who prays for us, cooks and serves, those who continue to give so we can give....thank you!


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