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friday update

Hello Everyone:

Friday we had mashed potatoes, chicken, and noodles from Amber Gaskill and Trademark Title, and Anthony brought some pop tarts and Bohn Popp brought his famous Aunt Millies fruit pies.....we had plenty to go around. It's always a blessing to see plenty of food so thank you to everyone who helped feed this week.

Talked with our sweet friend Kaylee. She is still struggling without her mama, but found a little white New Testament in the book bin and was eager to keep it!! Please remember her in your prayers as this little girl misses her mom who was killed a short time ago.

Tonight we heard so many "numbers" as to how long they have been sober...and it's amazing. I think oftentimes people assume all people who do not have a home are drug addicts and or alcoholics and that is simply not true. Others assume many do not work---again not true. We saw a couple men tonight after they got off of work and made it down for a quick meal. The minimum wage is hard to be able to save up for a hotel room for a week which is around 160 on average a week- some can't get out of the hole they are in.

Tonight we talked about how someone else always has it worse than we do. Not that our trials are easy or do not matter, but we need to also remember we are not the only ones suffering. We shared about a couple we know who are dating and were in a motorcycle accident recently and are now at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. The young man has lost his leg and his girlfriend's doctors are working hard to repair her shattered ankle in hopes to keep it. She also has a broken leg, a fractured pelvis, and a fractured hip. They have it worse than anything I am currently facing.

So we talked about how even though we love Jesus it doesn't mean we are not going to face hardship. We immediately want that hardship removed and we pray for it to be gone....and sometimes it isn't. Our team shared how even in the midst of hardships we wanted over we still had to walk THROUGH them.....and we always have learned something. Something about ourselves, about others, and about God. We can tend to think God is punishing us when those hardships come, or that He doesn't love us and that simply isn't true. The Bible is clear that He will use ALL situations to bring about some good, some growth and will always reveal how He is right there with do not give up. God says He is a very present help in times of trouble and the way the world is right now we are in some kind of trouble....and He's right there. As we shared with those in our prayer circle we agreed we cannot give up. To trust God even with faith that is small as a mustard seed and He will honor that. Pray for those around you, be a blessing to those who are struggling, and remember God is not out to "get back" at us.....He's there to love us. As one woman tonight said, "I will never give up on God" (and that woman is sleeping outside) So if she won't neither can we!! Thank you to Amber Gaskill, Trademark Title, Pathway Community Church, Grace Summit Church, Claudia Wessner, hamilton Church of Christ, Cherrilyn Thomas, Christina King, Jacquie Aldrich, Rochelle, Toby, Anthony, Lance Welborn, Abrielle Kay Pulver, Bohn Popp, Martin Schwartz, Kathy Coughlin Hartman, Renee Eich- Curneal, Mjs Apparel, and all of you who donate each week.

**** We are in need of book bags, men's jeans, shirts size large and above, men's underwear and blankets...thank you


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