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Friday Update 10-16-2020

Blessed Portion Friday Update for 10-16-2020

Hello Everyone,

It was a little chilly tonight, but thanks to Rhonda Powell, Tracy White, and her whole crew our friends had beef and noodles, salad, cupcakes and drinks!! Nice to have a good hot meal that sticks to your ribs for those who are outside. Thank you Hallmark Home Mortgage-NMLS#53441 for each month providing such a great meal and for being great friends!!

Tonight our team was amazing as usual- but here's a few reasons, We met a couple who came and needed a few things as they were in their car and needed a little gas. Michael Jordan was quick to help and get them a few gallons and get them on their way. Thank you Michael for being ready in a second to help. Then Rochelle and Toby Hendrickson left to take some medications to someone who needed them as they were left with a person downtown. They didn't hesitate to help and did that so we could stay doing what we were doing---we have a great team.

The big need tonight was blankets and gloves and we gave out all that we we need more. There were several who are outside or in their car this week that are new to the elements so blankets are crucial as well as gloves. We talked with one man who said he just doesn't know what to do. He feels he has some things going on in his head, but isn't quite sure what to think of it or what to do. We encouraged him to go the Rescue Mission and at first that is what we thought he would do, but changed his mind. We only had one blanket left and gave it to him. Not knowing where he would go to sleep, but he said he would be ok. Hoping next week we see him again and hopefully convince him to get some help.

We also got to sweet Eliza and give her a toy phone which her mama Cierra Braden Schroeder will prolly turn the sound off after a few minutes!!! She is a cutie and every girl deserves a phone right? Was also nice to see our friend pull up in his new car (new to him) We talked about how rough its been for him over the years and how far he has come. Sometimes it is easy to not see how far you've come, because your looking at how far you have yet to go. So we had a nice conversation about all the good that has been happening to him, and how those words of "Don't give up" have paid off.

We ended the night by not seeing our lady friend outside because she is indoors for now!!! Loved not seeing her outside all huddled up in a sleeping bag on the concrete. Thankfully she is good for now and with those she loves. Sad still that one of our dear friends is still outside as he is waiting to hear about his housing application that seem to be having all kinds of issues. So for now he is bundled up in a sleeping bag under a couple tarps....and yet he doesn't give up and is still such a sweet soul. So for him the words ring true of "Don't give up." Cannot imagine how difficult it is to stay positive....especially when you know winter is coming. Our friend though is amazing and were determined to help however we can.

As we always ask....please pray for those who are struggling and remember to not assume everyone is making wrong choices--so many are not. It's definitely a big onion-many layers to it all and it's not easy to get out of homelessness. So we can work together, help where we can, and yet we ALL CAN love, listen and just BE THERE for others--however that looks like. Sometimes people just need to know someone's in their corner and won't give up on them, in order for them to have the courage to not give up on themselves. I think we all can do that!!!

So thank you to all who donated this week. We do need warm thick blankets, mens clothing large and above and no womens please. We also need mens gloves and thermals and jackets. Thank you for helping us each week we so appreciate it.

Thanks to Pathway Community Church, Grace Summit Church, Hamilton Church of Christ, MJS Apparel Screen Printing & Embroidery, Michael Casiano, Christina Scheiber, Rochelle, Toby Hendrickson, Sonia Radcliff, Forrest Radcliff, thank you to the small groups who each week who make lunches for our friends for after church!!! Thank you also to Steve Davis who is faithful to ask us if we need help driving each week!!

Have a good weekend everyone and remember to ask someone to church this week. Offer maybe even to give them a ride..never know it may just change their life forever and just possibly yours as well!


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