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Friday Night Update For 11-27-2020

Hello Everyone-

Thanks to Kathy Coughlin Hartman, Connie and Lonnie Norris, Mitch and Lauren Hartman, Adrienne Clark, Joe Leksich for bringing a huge and delicious meal as well as homemade cookies-- Adrienne Clark I have never had pumpkin/chocolate chip cookies!!! I love love those!! We had a good dinner and had enough left over to give to some who are in a hotel and could use the food. It was nice to visit with them and know that our lady friend is safe and not on the streets. Tonight was a peaceful evening and its always good to see our friends. one of our friends is on his way to moving into a apartment soon and he is so happy!! When that happens I will be calling on all of you for a twin bed and household items. There is a free apartment across the hall from this friend and were hoping our other friend can get into that one--again if that happens we will need furniture as well. Tonight we gave out several blankets, gloves and hats. Our biggest need right now is gloves-- we have plenty of hats just need gloves.

As we circled up to pray we talked about how we can have one thing to be thankful for in the midst of life's trials and that is the knowledge that God loves us and will never leave us. He is available 24-7 and goes where we go-- that is something to be thankful for. Thankful that he gave his life for us knowing we wouldn't always honor or obey him--yet He loved and gave anyways. So many people have no one, have no home, are struggling to stay clean and sober, many are just we hope that God can be fitted into that equation for them.

One thing that stood out to me tonight was while we were on our way to the hotel. Looked over in the next lane was our friend Dave. He was driving his car that was donated to him and it was nice to see. Thinking back over the last 9 years and seeing him face many things and yet he refused to give up--and now he's driving his own car and following us to go and serve others. Reminded me that all things really are possible!!! It also reminded me how people need people and we are thankful for Dave and his friendship.

So tonight was good, chilly but not freezing and we had a huge meal and plenty of people to share it with. We learned we can all be thankful for something and prayed that God would help those who are needing Gods touch on their life.


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