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Blessed Portion Update For 3-19-21

Hello Everyone,

Tonight was great weather for everyone, which is nice since we've had a cold winter. The temps at night, though, go down, and thankfully, we had enough blankets. The picture with this post is of a new friend we made. Do not know all the ins and out of his story, but we do know he doesn't have any id, no phone, no relatives close by, no plan on what to do, and has some mental health issues, no bookbag....all he has is the clothes he was wearing. Another friend had brought him down to talk with us in hopes we could help him in some way. So we showed him where he could sleep for tonight, and we were able to spend some time with him at the end of the night. His story is unclear, as is his memory on some things, but nonetheless

he was pleasant, and it was nice to help him have a clean, warm spot to sleep for the night.

Hallmark Home Mortgage-NMLS#53441brought dinner tonight. We had lasagna, breadsticks, salad, cookies, oranges, and drinks. They do a great meal every month, and we are thankful to all of them for all they do. So thank you, Tracy White, Rhonda Powell, Ellen Hackett, and her whole team, for providing once again.

We didn't have too many down town this evening for some reason, but as the temps get warmer we will see more. Talked with one young man who is new to the streets and he was explaining how a man put a gun to his head and this young man was hoping that he would die right then, we are thankful he didn't. He's really young and our concern is he is getting hooked up with some bad people who clearly do not care about him. Hard to see anyone sleeping outside but harder when they are young.

Tonight we heard an incredible story of a man who was in prison since he was 18 and had been out for about a year or so. He shared how he was pretty high up in the prison gang and how God delivered him from all of it. He is out now and his life I'm sure has challenges but he is so peaceful knowing God will take care of him. Think about all the advancements we have had in technology for the last 25 years...he got out and everything is new to him. He shared tonight how that no matter what a person has done God always wants that person....very powerful. His story will touch many and it's going to be exciting to watch.

So we had a good night and we were inspired and hopefully, we let others know they are seen and valued. Thank you for helping us with all you do!!

Have a good weekend and invite someone to church this weekend. Offer to be their ride and maybe buy them coffee or lunch afterward...never know it may just change their life forever and just possibly yours as well.


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