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Blessed Portion Update For 10-30-2020

Blessed portions ministry update:

The night got off to a little bit of a bumpy start and was running a little behind, but I made it with more than enough pizza for everyone. We got to celebrate the birthday of one of our friends tonight with a card and a cake for him. Wishing him many more to come.

I haven't been able to serve on Friday nights for the last month or so. So it was awesome to get some updates on some of our friends that always come to see us, or we stop by their spot on Friday nights. It was great to hear that some are now sleeping inside and in a warm and safe place. That's so great to hear and I love hearing that God has provided for them. As I made my rounds visiting with old friends and talking to new friends. I set back and just listened to their stores. I met a friend tonight that has just lost her mother a week ago and she shared how her young daughter has been murdered years prior. She told me how she had been angry with God and that sometimes still struggles with that. But She allowed me to pray with her and I'm asking you to keep her in your prayers as well. That she can break free from the anger and see that God is forever faithful and no matter what was meant for evil, God uses for good. If we just seek him and allow him to work on us. Another friend shared how he's worked as a tradesman his entire adult life. But he's found himself on the streets sleeping on concrete and suffers from seizures. He is just waiting for his retirement social security to kick in and he'll be off the streets but until then he's sleeping under the stars. He volunteered to give the prayer for the night with eagerness and a love and a zeal for Jesus, that just makes my heart warm. You know you truly love Jesus when you're sleeping on the cold concrete ground and you have that LOVE for God knowing that he is all faithful and that he loves you and blesses us even when we have nothing. For when we have Jesus we have the promise of the Kingdom of heaven.

So in closing I just want to ask that everyone keep our friends that are living outside, as the temperatures are starting to get colder, in your prayers. Praying that they stay warm, that they find peace and salvation in Jesus. That they find their way in life and walk in the path that God has intended for them. I also want to thank everyone that donates each and every week and all the volunteers that help faithfully each week.


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