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Blessed Portion Update

Good Friday Blessed Portion Update 4-2-21

Hello Everyone,

Thank you to Amber Gaskill, Trademark Title, Inc., and everyone who helped contribute to an Easter feast of mashed potatoes, green beans, chicken and noodles, ham, homemade cookies, rolls, pop, water, and these amazing looking Easter Buckets. These buckets were filled with sunscreen, bug spray, first aid kits, chocolate bunnies, peeps, a can of pop, a fast-food gift card, an all-day bus pass, plastic eggs filled with candy.....and a lot of love!!! Also thank you to Toby Hendrickson and 13th Step House for making and bringing sandwiches. Thank you, everyone, so much for the time, effort and generosity. One man who we haven't seen in a while came down and while getting food and I mentioned we had an easter bucket for him...he actually started to cry. When I asked why he was so emotional he said he hasn't had an Easter basket since he was a kid and it actually touched him. For me, I started to tear up because again it's the smallest thing that seems to make the biggest impression on people... it's all about kindness and love.

Tonight we talked about Christ going to the cross for us. How He did it knowing many would not believe in Him and yet did it anyway, then took communion together. It is always a good thing to remember Christ and His sacrifice and always special to do that with our friends.

We handed out many items tonight that was needed and thank you as well for giving us items so frequently. Have a blessed Easter everyone and remember it's about the cross and His love for everyone!

1Nick Reinoehl


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