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Blessed Portion Update

Blessed Portion Friday Night Update 2-19-21 Hello Everyone,

The weather is slowly improving and for that many are thankful. There were several tonight who needed blankets, hats, and gloves because of sleeping outside and thanks to all of you all we had enough so thankyou!

Tonight Granite Ridge Builders brought chicken, macaroni and cheese, green beans, and dessert. We had exactly what we needed for everyone. We had one man come late to the feed and thankfully one friend gave up his second plate so this man could have a meal!! That is always wonderful to see. When your on the streets food is hard to come by at times and to give away the extra you have is a big deal!!

We had a group from Day Spring Church come out tonight - thanks to Anne Colby, Steve and Barbara Hofmeyer, Bruce Klein, Larry, and Dianna Payne, Jack Harter, Shane, and Maria Custer, Mike Mosier, Misty Schoof, Natalie Haley, Shelly Kennedy, Tami Mosier--thank you for the many times you brought- we were able to help a lot of people tonight because of your generosity.

Heard some good news had his pacemaker put in and is doing good!!! He doesn't let much get him down as he also had a few toes removed and still comes down smiling ear to ear and is joyful. We also had a few people who are interested in coming to church with us from the Women's warming center and that always brings a smile to our face!!

Every Friday is different from week to week and that keeps it interesting. We have one friend who comes down who has a disease and again he's always smiling and kind and has the best manners. He mentioned he didn't have any food and thankfully we had a lot of canned goods donated to us this week and so he got plenty to take home as well as a friend who stays in a hotel. Canned goods (Preferably pop-top canned goods) are always needed so please keep that on your mind if you're wanting to know what donations we need.

We talked tonight about the importance of "Deposits compared to withdrawals." We are to come to God sharing all our requests knowing He will hear us. However, it's also important to remember that "Deposits" of thankfulness are just as important. We shared how even in our relationships we need to check and make sure we are doing as much depositing into others' lives as we are taking withdrawals. To speak encouraging words, do nice things for people, to pray for them--those are deposits and hopefully make a difference.

Thank you everyone for making each Friday and during the week possible. We are taking people to church each week, helping people transition, and feeling blessed we GET to do this!! Thank you to Pathway Community Church, Grace Summitt Church, Hamilton Church of Christ, Christina king, Day Spring Church, Todd Plimpton, Jacquie Aldrich, Michael Jordan, Jacob Bloomfield, Teresa, Kathy, Granite Ridge, Mjs Apparel, and all of you who drop off items to us each week...we love you!!


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