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Blessed Portion Friday Update For 6-20-2020

Hello Everyone,

It was hot tonight but still thankful to see everyone! Thank you to Hallmark Mortgage for bringing sliders, chips, bananas, drinks for everyone. Tracy White, Rhonda Powell you two are so appreciated and everyone at your business!!

Tonight we asked everyone to state one good quality about themselves. We heard things like, knowing how to keep my mouth shut, being a hard worker, being kind, good listener. We talked about how easy it is to only hear the negative about ourselves. Being reminded of our bad choices in the past....the good can easily get drowned out. Hopefully hearing ourselves say one good quality will remind us we do have good in us.

The need for for socks and shoes was big pretty big tonight as well as t-shirts because of the heat. We are thankful we had the funds to buy tents because we went to a couple spots we usually go to in the winter and tonight we saw a friend lying on a few cardboard boxes, bugs everywhere, and a sleeping bag. He has been in the hospital for a some major health issues and it was hard to see him on the ground. We have a great team who sung into action clearing brush, getting a tent set up close to where he was sleeping and got him situated in it before we left. It was HOT and sweaty and yet we were able to cool off in our cars with air conditioning and he wasn't....pretty hard to complain when you see someone in a dire situation like that.

So tonight was peaceful, hopefully encouraging to others, and we know one friend has a somewhat better sleeping situation then before. Thank you everyone who gives to us so we can give back.....means so much!

Thankyou to Pathway Community Church, Grace Summit Church, Hamilton Church of Christ, Kathryn Hess, John Gayday, Hallmark Home Mortgage-NMLS#53441, Forrest and Sonia Radcliff, Claudia Wessner, Martine and Betty Schwartz, Christina Scheiber, Michael Casiano, Mjs Apparel, Mark Stebing, Renee Eich- Curneal Jennifer Lynne Diederich Stebing, and everyone else who gives to this ministry--Thank you Comment


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