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Blessed Portion Friday Night Update For 12-4-2020

Hello Everyone--

Thanks to Nate and Stevie Norris, Kaleb and Hannah Hetrick, Amanda and Jim Mahan, Ivy and Danica Kessler, and Carolyn and Aaron Richie for bringing bbq pulled pork, rolls, cookies, and hot coffee. We had many people come out, and there was plenty of food, thanks to this group of people.

Tonight was busy and eventful in a good way. We met some new people and one gentleman in particular. He had never been down before, but someone had told him where we feed, and he came down. He was honest about his struggles to stay on the right path and shared some scripture that meant a lot to him. Thankfully because of how great God is, Toby was able to get him approved to head to the 13th Step House as we finished the night up there. You never know who will show up on a Friday, and we are blessed to have places that will take someone right then and there.

We asked the question for whoever believes that Jesus sees them to raise their hands. ALL hands went up. So based on that belief, we talked about how Jesus can see and hear us and goes everywhere we go. How we need to remember that, and hopefully, it will draw us to Him more. Everyone has a desire to be known and loved--it's how God designed us to be. The cares of this world can drown our sensitivity to the lord if we let it, but nevertheless, He is still there, still watching, still listening and above all still loving.

Tonight we gave out a lot of gloves, socks, hats, and warm clothing. Thank you, everyone, for your donations. Please remember though we do not have any need for women's clothing, men's dress clothes or shoes. We only need men's winter clothing as of now. Thank you so much.


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