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Blessed Portion Friday Night Update 8/7/2020

Hello Everyone--

Thank you Amber Gaskill, Nick Reinoehl for providing turkey and noodles, green beans, potatoes, corn and for slices of ham and rolls!! We had plenty of food. Thank you so much for going to all that work to make sure everyone was fed.

Tonight seemed a little "off", not sure if the covid has people in a way or it was just a bad day for many. The video with this post is a video i took while driving on us30. The video doesn't show it, but the sun was as big as I ever seen and seemed to be touching the ground, and all these windmills for as far as I could see were doing their part. I had to pull over and watch the beauty of it and for whatever reason I started to tear up. For me it was peaceful and quiet and beautiful. The sun had done its part for the day and the windmills were doing their part. Not one windmill was more important than the other....all the same. Some were moving and some were not but they were planted there to do a job--to work together just as the sun does. Even though some windmills were not moving it didn't mean the others had to stop....they still kept on. It reminded me of how God is always doing his part, providing the sun- son and we are to our part...keep the work of God moving. Doesn't matter if your a Pastor or a person who lives on the streets....we all can play a part and God does not have favorites. We are all in His image.

Tonight at the end of what seemed to be a little tense night for whatever reason we were able to see a sweet friend. She was sitting next to her tent and just distraught. She had heard that her daughter might possibly be dead and she just wanted to know why God doesn't love her anymore. Her thought is God doesn't love her so He let her daughter die. She has lost a lot of weight and is so fragile. We tried to get her to eat something and she said she just couldn't do it, but would take a water and a flashlight if possible.

We don't know if her daughter has passed away, but we promised her we would look into it for her and let her know. She lost her son years ago and so this is beyond devastating to her. Nothing we could do to help her, but hug her and let her know God does love her and so do we. She has no where to go, just like all the other women who find themselves outside right now. Very hard to see women trying to survive day after day and night after night. Our city needs more resources and 24-7 hours for women who find themselves has to happen.

Good news we are starting back driving to church this week and many seemed happy about. It will be just Tommy and I driving right now so please pray we can find another driver if need be. We have been saving our funds for a dependable 15 passenger vehicle, and were almost there which will be so helpful. Thank you to all who continue to donate items for us, please know your financial contributions are eligible for a tax write off. Facebook doesn't allow a donate button anymore so if you want to donate you can through our website at You can also find us on GoFundMe or you can mail to The Blessed Portion Ministries P.O.Box 188 Garrett, Indiana 46738.

Thank you to Pathway Community Church, Grace Summit Church, Hamilton Church of Christ, Mjs Apparel, Renee Eich- Curneal, Renee Liechty Kahn, Jacquie Aldrich, Cherrilyn Thomas, Kathryn Hess, John Gayday, Adrienne Clark, Nicole Nelson, Lance Welborn, Claudia Weesner, Mr. and Mrs. Swartz, and all of you who drop off items for us...thankyou


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