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friday update 4-12-19

Blessed Portion Friday Update 4-12-19

Hello Everyone,

Big thanks to our Greek Ladies as we call them. Jackie Mangas, Trish and Bobby, Maria Rios, Marika and the rest of the crew who make some serious yummy chicken and rice!! They also brought Zianos bread sticks, desserts and more I just cant remember it all!! They not only serve our friends so well but they love Jesus so much and it truly shows!!!!

So tonight was a little windy, but sunny and it's so nice to see more and more coming out again and being able to hang out in the daylight sure is nice!! As you know our team firmly believes each person deserves a Bible, a Christmas tree and a Birthday cake!!! John said that he would only come see us if we didn't make a fuss abut his birthday....but we just couldn't do that!! So we sang happy birthday, gave him a cake and a card and we love seeing his smile!! Thankfully he now has his own place and thanks to Nick Reinoehl has a bed, dresser, chair, couch, and many other items. He has been without his own place for 4 years and only God has kept him alive during all those harsh winters, and hot summers. Thing is John never asks for anything really--just a pair of clean socks now and then and that is it. He faithfully comes to church with us each week and I know that we are blessed and better people for knowing him. So we celebrated him and his new place tonight.

Also got to see Cierra Braden Schroeder. Her and baby are doing well and I love that she comes to let me know she is ok, because I worry about her a lot. She always says "I don't want any food, I just came to let you know I am ok." Keep her in your prayers as she lost her Grandfather last week and its been very hard!! Also heard how Kenneth Billingsleyjr is doing great at his new job and he is such a big help to us on Fridays and is always smiling as well! Met a new face at the first stop and gave him a ride to the Rescue Mission as he said he wanted to check in.

We also tonight saw our newest friend that we met last week and helped him get settled in a sleeping area for his first night outside. He was all smiles as we greeted one another. When I asked how he slept, he said it was horrible, but that he has learned a lesson. He is now checked in at the Mission and is hoping to be in the long term program and seems happy to be so. Also saw on old friend. Sadly I know faces but am bad with names. He asked if I recognized him and I said his face I did, but not his name. He then reminded me and it was good to catch up. He had a slight step backwards, but seems to be pretty focused and on track. I haven't seen him for a couple years and he shared how that before I was able to pray with him about a situation and now that he is back he said its good to see familiar faces. It was a good reminder for us that consistency is huge....and while its bittersweet to see people back, its always good that we have our faithful team with us and as long as The Rescue Mission will have us we will continue to be there each week.

We shared tonight how when we face HARD times our tendency can be to think negative at first. Thinking why me? Why is this happening? At those moments it's a shock to our agendas, our plans. What we have planned out has been interrupted and that makes us mad for sure.... I know I seem to think that way at times. Our son Tuesday night called us from Indiana Wesleyan where he goes to school at saying he had suffered a big hit to his thigh in football practice and it didn't seem to be getting any better. We also have a older son who faced a football injury in high school breaking two bones and had muscle compartment syndrome. So when Tanner sent us pictures of his leg we recognized it and headed to Marion. He was in major pain and yet through tears at one point said "Mom, God has a plan right?" I said "Yes, He does." Tanner replied and said "God is my foundation." To that all his dad, sister and I could do was agree. He was later flown by helicopter to Park view Hospital where he had two surgeries. His leg at this point is good and he will recover...and most important he still has his leg. He will be 20 on the 23rd of this month the day after he has stitches removed on both sides of his thigh.

So the lesson for me and our team was, it's amazing Tanner's first words were those....and not anything negative. No one would have thought anything had he said anything negative....most would have and that is normal. For me it was a reminder though and conviction of what are my FIRST words, my first THOUGHTS? So again it seems I have a lot of work that needs done inside of me, but I'm thankful for the conviction. As we shared with those we serve who also are going through so much, hopefully it will serve as a conviction and reminder. Pray for our friends. So many are doing the right things and they need encouragement to not give up. They need to know that others care, and that God has a plan.

So we had a wonderful night and we emptied all the bins, so please continue to rummage through your closets and give clothes you don't wear (men's only please) and thank God for the trials you face. Thank God for the opportunity to see Him work and thank Him for the strength He provides!!

Thanks to Pathway Community Church, Grace Summit, Hamilton Church of Christ, Cherrilyn Thomas, Randy Thomas, Lori Williams, Auburn Massage and Wellness, Mjs Apparel, Mark Jennifer Lynne Diederich Stebing, Sarah Bigelow Lapadot, Nick Reinoehl, Adrienne Clark, Olivia Ghent, Kerry Ghent,Rebecca Ghent, Jo Anne 'Habegger' Emerick, Claudia Wessner, and everyone who donated this week!!! Thank you so much!

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