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Friday Update

3-28-19 update

Hello everyone

Tonight was a cold drizzly evening but still had a great turnout with a lot of familiar faces. While at our first stop we heard a wonderful message given by our friend Toby that is in recovery and still continues to go serve on Fridays to help others though life’s struggles and getting passed addictions that many struggle with on a daily basis.

We heard another story about the influence of how a brother and a fabulous friend saved a young lady by continually providing support and friendship to help her to sobriety and getting her life in order. Lots of very thankful friends were very happy to get some help with bus passes, shoes and boots that were the perfect size to help start a new job and a new tent and sleeping bag to keep them dry and warmer.

At our second stop we heard of a young man that asked for some support and prayers as he lost his father the previous week. Another young man told how he was thankful that the court system was able to see that he is getting his life back to a much better place and thanks be to God that he was given a second chance. He asked for prayer that he continues to do the right things that he intends to do.

We certainly missed Tommy and Gina this week. However we have such a great team that everyone just seems to fall into place wherever they feel needed. I am certainly thankful for Veronique and her amazing crew for the fabulous food.

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