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Blessed Portion Friday Night Update 10-5-18

Hello Everyone,

My goodness what a night....what a last few days actually. Thankfully Dallas had a nice service Thursday and many people were there to support his sister Billie, and to remember him. There were many memories shared with her about Dallas and it was nice to be with her. She also served with us tonight and again more memories shared with her. She ended the evening with seeing where her brother lived and took his last breath. Spent some time under that bridge reflecting over his life and the few things that remained there of his- and we said goodbye again to him....he is missed for sure.

Thanks to St. Joe Church of Christ and the team that Rod and Jennifer Laux brought with them. We had chicken and noodles, bread and butter, cookies, cupcakes and it was yummy and hot--perfect for the night. Thanks so much to all of you who came and helped serve those around us.

So tonight......heard some great news. The picture of the keys is because a friend of ours got her own place!!!! She was beaming ear to ear over it, and we are thrilled for this new chapter for her. She is thankfully no longer outside and we couldn't be more happy for her. Heard how a few of our friends were able to get a me when I say its not as easy as you think, especially when you do not have transportation. Heard how one friend shared that he has a new lady friend in his life....and he said she wants to around him for HIM and not what he can do for her....he is happy to be in the kind of relationship that is equal for once and on a more mature level.

Then there are 3 friends of ours, all women who are several months clean and sober. One lady said her vice used to be meth...and explained how when she wore leggings they would be baggy on her. Tonight she was happy, looks healthy and we told her she was way too pretty to be doing meth! Another friend shared how that she is off of spice and her mind is finally at peace. She is now feeling that her head is more clear and she is able to stay focused....again she looks so pretty and nice to see her like this. And the last lady friend is not drinking, still sober and getting baptized soon. She has done well and is working as she is in a shelter and is paying her way there, working and staying clean....again another lady who looks happier and healthy now then ever.

As we were headed to The Rescue Mission there was a friend who Tommy was talking to earlier. This friend didn't seem right, seemed down, sad and yet he would never probably admit it. You could tell he wanted to just have someone talk more with him....and we were headed to the next stop. So Tommy stayed back with him and listened as he shared about his struggles. He has a family member who no longer remembers his name as Alzheimer's has set in and today was a day he saw that family member. It hurt him seeing this and made him feel like he wasn't a family member anymore, even though he knows he is. But to love someone so much and they because of a disease no longer know you is hard and painful.This also brought up within him the desire to get back on track with Jesus. His desire was to do rededicate his life back to God and just start fresh....and he did. He took time with pray with Tommy there, and from what I heard it was a pretty powerful time. So thankful that we have volunteers with us which enables moments like that to be had with no worries about time and schedules. God met him there and we are so thankful for Gods timing!!

Also little Miss Ellie who belongs to Jesus first and then her parents Eric and Amanda Chapman Dunaway surprised us by coming out to serve with us. She has made a friendship with Missy Shepherd and prays for her all the time. (We had given Ellie Missy's name as someone she could pray for, but the two of them had not ever met before.) So Ellie coming down to night and meeting Missy for the first time tonight was very sweet. Kinda hard to not like this cute little girl.....she is so bright when she smiles...she is kind and above her years for sure, and she is a genuinely nice young lady. Ellie was able to give Missy a book back of some items she needed and I'm pretty sure Missy was happy as well!! Good job Mom and Dad Dunaway for teaching your child there is a big world around her. Thank you for not keeping her in a bubble...for letting her see ways she can pray for people and give the love back to others that she has received. Its a good lesson for all of us...and when a little girl wants to give up gymnastics to serve our friends you know God is in it.

So a great night....said final goodbyes to a dear friend. Saw many friends have new hope for their future. Saw some beautiful ladies taking their recovery seriously and doing what they have to do. Saw some friends who needed tents, blankets and sleeping bags and some a little bit of everything. Listened as one man said he doesn't come down to get food...he comes down for the fellowship... and that is a beautiful thing!!! Thank you everyone who donated this week. We did give out just about everything and again when you have people coming to you saying "I have nothing"... its a God thing when we can say "Here, let me get you hooked with what you need." So thank you!!!

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