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Friday update

Hello Everyone--

Heading downtown tonight our team knew it would be hard. Knowing that we wouldn't be seeing Dallas roll in was hard on everyone. Many still cant believe he is no longer with us and there is a big hole left. No one has ever had anything negative to say about Dallas...he wasn't a confrontational person, always kind, straight shooter, and had a kind heart. Never asked for anything except maybe a flashlight and a pair of shoes when his wore out. He always took time to pray with us and many times was the person praying. He would always say that he was thankful for another day on Gods green earth!!! He is missed and will be missed forever.

The picture with this post is one we took about a year ago of ....Dallas' boots. He liked having boots better than tennis shoes for some reason. He always took pride in where he slept. His area was always clean, no trash lying around and he made his bed everyday and never complained.

On Sundays as we pick up at The Mission he would be seated on the curb across the street waiting for us to get him. He was always smiling --especially if the Rams had a good day!!! He always had all of us in the van laughing because of his quick wit and total honesty about everything. So Sunday mornings will also be hard as it will be even more apparent he's gone as he wont be sitting on the curb waiting for a ride.

We as a team loved Dallas and cherished his friendship. He truly was a good person and were thankful we were able to know him. He knew as we all did that he would end up one day dying on the streets and he was ok with that. He didn't mind being outside and just wanted the freedom to do what he wanted, when he wanted and he did.

So what is the right thing to do when you come along a person who thinks that way? Do you not feed them? Do you not clothe them? Do you turn them away because they refuse to give up some habits? Do you say that you will help them when they start to help themselves? The beautiful thing about Jesus Christ is He died for all of us even those He knew would never accept Him. He died for those who were in the thick of addiction and pain...He died because He loves us....ALL OF US.....and it is level at the foot of the cross.

So for us and the other teams who serve the homeless community we do it because we know that is what God wants us to do. Some people may never fully change - however we can still love them, point them to Jesus and let them know they are truly loved. Dallas was loved by many because he loved many so well and we are blessed for what he has taught us and he will forever be remembered.

Reminder: Wednesday night at 8:00 pm there is a memorial service for him at Freiman Square.

His Celebration of Life service will be October 4th 10:00 am to 12:00 pm at Pathway Community Church. His sister and family members will be present for that as they are coordinating it. Please try to come and celebrate with his family and share with them your memories.

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