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Blessed Portion Friday Night Update 6-29-18

"I got sick and tired of being sick and tired!"

Hello Everyone,

To say it was hot is putting it was blazing hot!!! Tonight we made it easy and just had Little Caesars Pizzas, chips, cookies and water. Despite the heat though we had a great night. We were able to celebrate with David and Anita Henley (Brown) as they had gotten married a few hours before we came downtown. We celebrated with a card and cake. They are amazing people and despite all the challenges they have had they are still hanging in there and doing it together. They come to church each week with us and we are so thrilled for this step they have taken and we see how God has meant for them to be together!!!

We also have some other GOOD NEWS!!!! A friend of ours who we have known for several years decided to check into the Mission. When I asked him why now he said "I am sick and tired of being sick and tired." He also said that he is getting too old to be on the streets and wants a change. He then asked if we could pray for him to have the strength to stick with the program and so we prayed for him right there. He surprised us with this news and we are so happy for him and its a good feeling to know he is safe and has a place to get the help he needs.

Also met another woman tonight who was needing some clothing as she has been outside for several weeks. Her husband before he died told her that he knew she would be homeless after he died because there wouldn't be any more money coming in...and sadly he was right. She is staying with a friend who also is on the streets and he is taking good care of her as they have been friends for a long time. Hoping to see what else can be done to help her and if she wants the we will see. Its always amazing to me how you can meet someone especially a woman who is sleeping outside and when they say goodbye to you they are smiling and so appreciative of what little you have given her tonight she left with a big smile on her face and being so appreciative as she headed to her spot with her friend. Hoping she will agree to Charis House or something to get her off the streets.

Also talked with a man who is doing whatever he can to stay off the streets. He made a comment about how comfortable he is with being on the streets...its easy for him in a way. He shared how that being indoors is harder...and making money the right way is also harder and different for him but he knows he is on the right path. While some may not understand that thinking for many it is true.Some have been on the streets and giving into its ways for so long, that they don't know any other way to be. However life on the streets eventually catches up with you and thankfully we have places in Fort Wayne like The Rescue Mission, The Salvation Army and other places for men who need change. Many though will be on the streets until they pass away because they are more comfortable there.

There was more good news in that a friend who we just met last week will be moving into a apartment next week and he is so happy!!! You could see the relief in his eyes as he shared about it...and we are happy for him as well.

So all in all it was a good night and we heard a lot of good news and it was peaceful which is always a good thing. We had enough items for those who were in need which also makes a good evening and we were able to be with our friends which makes it even better!!! Two of our friends are also going to be baptized this summer at our annual outdoor baptism and for that we are even more thankful. Its a huge blessing to see our friends give God total control over their lives and see how God honors that. One friend always says that we have done so much for him and its not true. All we do is point people to Jesus, point them to recovery and love and encourage them to believe in themselves and the love Jesus has for them. Once a person can understand that then hope starts to be birthed and change....we are blessed to be around to see it all unfold and that makes our Friday nights even more special!!!

Thank you to everyone for making sure our bins are full and we need your help...we are out of underwear, socks, mens shirts sizes large and above, we need mens tennis shoes so please check your closets for any items you no longer need. Thanks to Pathway Community Church, Grace Summit Church, Hamilton Church of Christ, Mjs Apparel, Auburn Massage and Wellness, Mark Stebing, Jennifer Lynne Stebing, Sarah Bigelow Lapadot,Renee Eich- Curneal, Christina Scheiber, Scott Wright, Rochelle Bloomfield-Wilson, Toby, Lori Williams, Shelley Stevens-Pilkay, Rick, Kim Ted Shook,Jacquie Aldrich, Tanner Burns, Dennis Brown, Nick Reinoehl, Billie Patarek, and all of you who drop off items each week for us!

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