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Blessed Portion Update for 7-29-17

Hello Everyone,

Tonight was great weather--not too hot or muggy and most seemed in a good way. As we started the night there was a lot of talk about our friend "Moose." Unfortunately Moose passed away last week. He had called us a few days earlier talking about how he was going to try and get things figured out and possibly make some changes. We then talked about some general stuff and ended with his usual "Ok love" in his silly accent voice!! Moose loved God Almighty for sure. I remember the first time we met - he talked about when he got baptized and even quoted some scripture. He often talked about his relationship with God and wondered if He was "good enough." He then started coming to church because one our volunteers Ashley Randall would pick him and Lori up--and he always had his hair looking good on Sunday mornings. Last year when we had our annual Fourth of July party he and Lori came and that is where this picture came from. We had a lot of fun hanging with him that day and as always he had the best smile ever!!! Moose will be missed by many and by us.

Hopefully we can remember that everyone --whether on the streets or not has a NAME. They are not "nobody's"....they are not to be called just "drug addicts", or "cons", or "alcoholics" or "Homeless" etc...they have names and God designed and purposed them the same as you and I. Some cannot stand up to the issues that are deep within them...they cannot seem to overcome the thing that is destroying them....but they still have a name. Some are trying to crawl out of a long spiraled pit and they need help doing so. Some have lost their faith, hope and any chance of getting things right again....but they have a name. I am thankful that I have a name that was given to me when I was born and the name of Daughter to my heavenly Father among many others....I am thankful that Jesus sees us all the same and doesn't love one more than another. That he doesn't feel one deserves more than the next or that His love is conditional...He is the purest form of LOVE and that is what keeps ME going.

Also tonight we talked with a friend who was excited about some issues that are clearing up for him legally. He showed us some paper work confirming it and said "Thanks to Pathway Community Church and The Mission I'm doing good!!! He isn't on drugs and isn't dealing drugs...a win win!! And he has a name...oh how we love him and the progress he is making.

Tonight we gave out all the clothing items, all the necessities, tons of food, shoes, tents, sleeping bags and blankets and we gave out a lot of love and encouragement. We talked about how we need to be Christ like in our daily actions and to look out for one another because that is what family does. Thank you everyone for your support of what we do not only on Friday nights but also through the week. We appreciate those who make lunches for our friends on Sunday afternoons, thankful for those who drive our friends to church. Thankful for those who donate items and those who pray. One thing we know is that our friend Moose knew he was loved, he was valued, he had worth and we knew him and his name and so does Jesus....and that is the main mission!!!

Thanks to Pathway Community Church, Grace Summit Church, Hamilton Church of Christ, Mjs Apparel, Auburn Massage and Wellness, Sarah Bigelow Lapadot, Mark and Jennifer Lynne Stebing, Josh Myers, Jaclyn Myers, Amber Gaskill, Lori Williams, Karen Ann Weeks, Chad Weeks, David and Veronique Poudrier, Julie Nicholson......;and everyone who keeps us going with donations in all areas!! We love you!

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