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Blessed Portion Update for 7-7-17

Thanks to Amber Gaskill for serving a hot meal consisting of potatoes, sausage, green beans, corn, bread and some Jesus loves you cake for desert!! Its a good thing to be able to feed those in need a hot meal.

Many were evicted from their spots and that caused a lot of frustration for many. Some who can understand it because of those who leave areas dirty and do not pick up trash, but there are those who do pick up and leave it clean--however some have ruined for many.

Tonight we had a few hiccups in the beginning but we got through it and we will continue on as we normally do. Tonight as the words enabling, drug use and those who do not want to follow rules were thrown out there our team looked at it different. Seeing the many who are no longer homeless but still coming down to help or even just say hello is a blessing. To see those who are homeless and are not into drugs and not about trashing areas was again a blessing. Tonight we saw many who for various reason do not feel at this time a shelter would work for them and we are always trying to help them find a way off the streets....and we will continue to do so. Some have said that street teams do not work............enables people to stay homeless and to not get the help they need. I suppose the argument could be made for both sides-- it does work for many and for some it doesn't....its a hard line to figure out. Sitting though having breakfast after our night with a friend tonight who has spent 10 plus years being homeless and seeing him free of drugs and in a house was all we needed to see to this process does work. Plus another amazing thing is our friend Dorann Richards has a vehicle and is so excited to help us start driving people to church!! how amazing is that--someone who has received help and is now able to give back---that's AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!

Folks we understand there are some who are just looking for a handout, some who don't want any help and are able to work... trust me we see them. Until you take the time though to understand what we do and HOW we do it I think there needs a little room for reserved judgement as to if this is helping or not. Like I said its a fine line and if you could see all the good, all the people who are changing their lives it would outweigh the bad that happens...and trust me IF we felt it wasn't working we would not be doing this as we all sacrifice our time and resources to do this ministry.

We also will follow the rules of the city and be respectful- as we do represent our God and we know that God will continue to show us what to do and how to do it. One needs to remember we are coming from a ministry point of view in this mission. We do feed and clothe but we can assure you we are NOT handing tons of items to those on the streets --its the bare necessities.

Tonight hearing many saying they are coming to church this week with us again refueled us, hearing many say thank you for your consistency refueled us, hearing those say they are clean and sober and appreciate all the encouragement they get is refueling. Seeing happy faces and stories of victory totally refuels us and so we pray that you will pray for them. That you will pray for us and our team as we navigate tough waters at times and that our hearts would always be sensitive.

Thanks to Pathway Community Church, Grace Summit Church, Hamilton Church of Christ, Amber Gaskill, Lori Williams, Jacquie Aldrich, Stacy and Nina Hagerty, Claudia Wessner, Renee Eich- Curneal, Renee Liechty Kahn, Lisa Gratz, Gabe Davis, Amanda, Cherrilyn Thomas, and all of you donate items and drop them off----thankyou!

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