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Blessed Portion Update 6-30-17

Hello Everyone-

Thankful for our Hamilton Church friends who brought meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans, lemonade, and was a good meal especially since it was raining.

Seemed Friday night the main item needed was blankets--- it was hard to keep up with the needs so please keep blankets coming. We also are in need of regular socks. We have lots of winter socks but no one wants those in the summer time!!

Tonight we met a lot of new people and heard some pretty amazing stories of how God has intervened in lives. How one man overdosed and yet came back to life. He has lost everything but yet is ok with it because he is starting his life a new. Changing habits, and life styles and really seeking out the Lord this time. He is thankful to be alive!!! Heard a few other stories of men who didn't know if they were going to make it and yet God has spared their life yet again. Its amazing when you hear those stories of how God works the impossible out!!! Its also a privilege to hear people tell their stories and let you in. Then to be able to pray together ---well that is just the biggest blessing ever.

This update is short as we are having our annual Fourth of July Picnic with our friends and volunteers.. thankful we get to spend time together celebrating our freedom!!

We are in need of mens shorts, shirts of all sizes especially 2x and above, socks, book bags, blankets, mens shoes, and jeans!! Thank you everyone.

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