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Transportation needed

Today was a crazy day as we scrambled to get our friends to church. We needed seats for 29 people and had to leave 3 behind even with the 5 drivers we had- beyond heartbreaking.Thankfully, we had a few from Charis house who already had a ride or they would have been included in that number. We are so thankful for the vans we have and for the many who drive each week. This ministry has grown over the last 8 years for sure and its a great thing. We have seen many come off the streets and they are now being picked up as well by Tommy and a good friend of ours.(I cant find my way anywhere so its best he does it)We have one friend who we bring that ushers at Pathway, and that is such a blessing to see him give back, and we want to continue providing everyone a ride to church if we can. We are asking for help and its a hard thing to do for us, but we don't want each Sunday to be as it was today, so we have to ask. We are hoping to find a 15 passenger transit van....and as you know they are expensive. We have been able to put back $8000.00 as a ministry through donations and a grant because we have been saving like crazy knowing this day would come. We're guessing a trustworthy vehicle with somewhat lower miles will run around about $ 20,000.00. With us traveling each week to pick up people the miles rack up quick so the lower the better. I still will be driving one of our regular vans each Sunday, and we will still need one extra driver even with the 15 passenger, but that is better than needing 5 drivers. We have been so overwhelmed by the generosity of those who support us each week- thank you! Its a blessing to see so many lives changed and restored. To also see those be able to attend "Their church" makes us even more thankful for the support this ministry receives, and we certainly want to be able to continue to meet this need. Please consider giving to this cause. If you are able to donate towards this specific need we would like for you to mark your donation to go towards a vehicle that way we can keep money specifically set aside for that. We realize this is a HUGE request and its been hard to ask, but its even harder to leave people behind each week. Please feel free to share this post and need as the more who know the better! (We are a non for profit 501c3 ministry so donations are eligible for tax credit.) Thank you everyone so much, The Blessed Portion Team


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