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Remembering those we love

The Rescue Mission just ended its longest day of the year homeless walk last week honoring those who have passed away in 2019. Unfortunately we just found out that 3 friends have passed away during December 2019 and no one knew till now. Next year they will be remembered in the annual walk of remembrance.

First 3 pictures are of our friend John. He was outside for a long time and then was able to find a apartment and loved having his own place. He was super kind, funny and had a great smile. We are told he passed away from a heart condition.

Next picture is our friend named Jeremy. He struggled so much in missing his twin brother who had passed not too long ago. Jeremy was also funny, kind and had a way of being so thankful for all that was done for him.

Last person is a man named Donny Barge. I do not know much about him but from what I have heard he was a kind man.

These men will be missed and remembered and serve as a reminder that none of us know how long we have on this earth. Lets love well, be kinder, gentler and serve God with all we have.

You can find the link for John Powers funeral information at…


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