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July 4th Update:

Friday Update - Actually Fourth of July update-

This year we had all the usual fixings. Hamburgers, hotdogs, cookies, potato salad, pasta salad, beans, watermelon, chips, cracker and cheese trays, rice Krispies, lemonade, lots of water, great fireworks, and a whole lotta fun.

This year seemed to be even hotter than last year so that meant several fans outside and a small kiddie pool- which will be donated to Miss Eliza. We had so much fun as we listened to a very patriotic playlist thanks to Michael Casiano and visited.

As usual, we gave out trophies to corn hole winners as well as basketball tournament winners. Rochelle graciously gave her trophy to Nikki this year and Nikki was thrilled!! We then watched the fireworks from our back yard put on by our city and then watched as Tanner gave us a literal light show from the driveway.

We have a friend named Lucy and our hope was she would be able to see the lights because she is going blind and seeing for her is extremely difficult. Thankfully she did see the pretty colors this year and that is worth it all. We take for granted so many things and being able to see is one of them. She is in severe pain every day and yet she and her husband Simon came out to celebrate with us. Simon also won a trophy in Cronhole that was amazing to see.

We have so many people we love who help make this happen every year. One is Headwaters Church (used to be Wallen baptist) they let us use their busses each year and it's a huge help to transport so many at one time. Thank you to all who helped bring food for the party and who just help us in so many ways to help make someone else holiday a little brighter each year.


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