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Blessed Portion Friday Night Update/ Fourth Of July Party

Hello Everyone,

Friday Night was super hot--I can't imagine sleeping outside in these hot temperatures. So many are though and it has to be frustrating.

Tonight we had pizza, chips, cookies and lots of water and just enjoyed being together. Heard how our friend Dan fell off his bike and was headed into surgery with several broken ribs. We have since heard he is recovering and for that we are thankful. Also was able to check with our friend who has had all five toes removed--he's still bandaged up and it will be difficult to learn how to walk with a shoe insert once that day comes, but he is very positive and is thankful he still has his foot.

Saturday we celebrated the Fourth a little different than last city fireworks!! But we did have 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners from the Horse Tournament and two team winners from the Corn Hole Tournament. It was even hotter then Friday night but we had fun. Bicycle Dave did all the cooking of burgers and hot dogs, had baked beans, pasta salad, watermelon, cookies, potato salad, icee pops,lemonade, chips, and a lot of fun. Didn't have as many as last year but it's nice to give people an opportunity to get away from the same ole same ole and have some fun!!

Life is about God, family, friends and making new friends, being the light to others and understanding as Christ followers we ARE FREE!!!! Let's tell others how Christ can set them free as well and pray our lives represent Jesus so well they recognize who we serve!!


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