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Friday Update for 9-27-19

Blessed Portion Update:

Hello Everyone:

To say it rained tonight would be a was POURING!!! As we picked up the donated food from Zianos Italian Eatery we were watching the lightening and rain thinking "Ok God we need help!" Thankfully with the several tents we had and a few that Nick Reinoehl brought we were able to bring some sort of shelter. We had lots of help in getting them set up as fast as we could and ended up being wet, but it was worth it!!

Seeing many come out despite the weather sure was a blessing and we thank all of you for supporting us and the ministry. Thank you to Jimmy Rongos and Zianos Italian Eatery for the MASSIVE amount of food they provided for us!!! Having a hot meal was so even more appreciated by so many and there was plenty to go around!!!

Tonight we had some good stories of how God is working. Saw several who are clean and sober and inside. Kenneth Billingsleyjr shared his story of how God is working in his life, and Jennifer Born blessed us with her sweet face and served those who came- we love you Jennifer!

Also was able to pray with a dear friend who just wanted to make sure she really had Jesus inside of her heart. I am always in awe of how much courage it takes to come forward and be vulnerable in front of others and yet so many do......again another reminder for me! We also got to see Michael Maiville and his sweet bride!! It's a blessing to see him and her happy and seeing the faithfulness of God in their lives.

To be allowed to serve others in this capacity for 8 years next month is amazing. Tommy and I have many conversations of what a privilege it is to see upfront and personal the work of God in peoples lives. We do NOTHING.... we just show up and love those around us. Everyone who walks out recovery, their walk with God because of their choice to be obedient and let God do His work. We have the blessing though each week of being allowed to be a part of so many peoples lives. Loving on them through the tangible needs, praying and listening, and giving rides to church....God does the rest. Often times people ask us and our team why we do this. Our answer is because God has clearly shown us this is where we are called to be. We have the honor of serving those who are outside, those who call the Salvation Army, The Fort Wayne Rescue Mission, Charis House and other shelters home.

Homelessness is multi faceted and there is not just one reason for it. There are many who are not ready for recovery, some who are, and many who have tried and relapse and keep trying. Please understand we are never about enabling, and its not our intent to make it easy for someone to just live on the streets. Until you really take the time to know each person and their situation it is easy to judge. Our purpose God has asked us to do is to go the streets and shelters and let people know Jesus loves them. To share our stories of where God has shown up even in the midst of our failures. To encourage others that God does love them. To point people to the many places in Fort Wayne that can offer shelter and help and we do. Some take that direction right away and some do not. Some are couples and do not want to be separated. Some do not have an addiction and for various reasons are outside. There are many who are just waiting for disability or social security to kick in...again many reasons for being outside and some who choose to be there.

So, we do what we do each Friday with the best discernment and judgement we can.... always looking to God for direction. We have been blessed to be able to do this for almost 8 years and will as long as God gives us the ability to do so. Thank you to everyone who each week provides tangible items, those who pray for us, those who give in many ways. those who provide lunches each Sunday for those who come to church with us. Thank you to all who are our drop off sites and to those who serve each Friday with us. Tommy and I better people because of this ministry we are so thankful for all of you.

Thank everyone for helping us tonight and for supporting us we continue on to what God has asked us to do.....we love you!!


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