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friday update for 5-2020

Ok so I am not very good at this, so I will apologize in advance!! Gina Burns has asked me to write the Friday night recap for The Blessed Portion Ministries.

We met up Friday night as usual, and thankfully the rain that had fallen all day stopped and gave us a rather nice evening. Hallmark Mortgage provided the meal for us. We were treated to Zianos spaghetti, salad, and their awesome breadsticks. (I could make a meal out of those breadsticks alone) And to top it off someone baked some delicious homemade cookies for dessert.

We met up in a circle (pretty close to 6 ft apart 😜) and shared our good news. Our friend Jim, who usually doesn't share much in the circle, shared that he was the first person in Golden Coral on Monday. He was pretty excited and proud of that. It is the small things sometimes.

After praying there were a few who hung around in need of some hair and beard trimmings. Tommy and Gina got them looking a little less shaggy! I think they may have a side job going forward. Please continue to pray for this ministry and those that the ministry helps. This Covid-19 time has been hard on everyone, but especially hard on those who had very little to begin with.

Until next time, with a better writer.......Have a good week!


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