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Friday Update for 4-3-2020

Hello Everyone:

Do you believe God hears you? Do you believe that God makes it very clear to a person to do or not something? I hope you do- and if you don't, please do not give up yet on letting God speak to you.

Tonight's meal of bread and butter individually packaged for 2 per person, a to-go container of pasta, applesauce, chips, desserts, and a awesome Easter devotional was perfect for those who came and literally we had just enough. The team that brought food tonight was nervous beforehand if they should come, wondering if there be enough resources to provide a meal as well as the other health concerns. Our sweet friend asked God to show her if she was to come downtown and provide a meal. Not that she didn't want too, but given the health concerns and if the resources to provide the meal would be there she went to God for the answer. He clearly gave her many signs that she was ok to do so, and He not only provided food for our friends, but she was able to provide food as well to a couple other places that were in need. I think for her it was a faith builder as she walked in obedience and let God show up and show off. (We do all the guidelines given to us so know that we are smart with masks, gloves, sanitizer and social distancing) What I love is that God directed her to come and feed, He provided all of it and made provision for the other places as well. She asked God to show her and He did. She then followed through with faith and obedience and we are so thankful.

Met a young woman tonight who found herself being given a sleeping bag we had and relying on two friends of ours to keep her safe as she prepared to sleep outside. One friend already had his "Spot" and yet decided to go and make sure she would be safe. If it meant he wasn't staying at his spot for the night he was fine with it. Now imagine....your sleeping outside in a tent. You then hear of a person in need and you make the decision to leave your covered shelter to go and make sure someone you dont know will be ok. You choose to expose yourself to the elements to make sure someone else who is more vulnerable than you will be ok? Pretty amazing dont you think? Hes a kind man and I know God used that to speak truth to me and others.

Even though its a different way of life at the moment for our friends they are still peaceful. They are still kind. They are still loving and look out for others....again I am always spurned on by our friends, and I know our whole team is as well.

The picture with this post is of our friends NEW PLACE!!!! He is out of The Mission and is on his own!! He is working so hard in his recovery, his walk with God, serving others and its amazing to see upfront. He has a tv and said he hasn't had his own tv and cable for over 5 years!!! So happy for him and the good things that are happening in his life and most of all we are blessed and encouraged to see someone take charge of their life and give God control!!

We are thankful we are able to do this ministry and we are thankful for your support. As you know we are not accepting donations right now because our drop off sites are closed. We also understand that many are suffering with job loss, uncertain finances, and some are not comfortable with this type of serving right now and we understand completely. Please do not feel at all pressured to give at this time if it is a hardship. God will continue to provide for all the needs. We do ask that you pray not only for our country but also for our friends who are struggling. Some had jobs and now do not. Some were living in a hotel and due to losing their job no longer are able to have that shelter. Its a mess for all of us and I pray we use this time to lift up needs to our King. Just as our friend prayed for God to show her what to do and He answered her...He will answer us as well. Pray that this time will be a way for God to be glorified, honored and that hearts will turn to Him.

From our family at The Blessed Portion Ministries we love you and are praying for you!! God bless you all!!


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