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Friday Update for 4-10-2020

Hello Everyone,

BIG thanks to David Angie Donaldson for sending a text Thursday offering to bring ham, potatoes and rolls for Good Fridays meal. The text was a welcomed surprise --thank you Angie so much. Also thanks to Laura Nine, Melanie Housley Perlich and Pathway Community Church for helping us with communion bread and cups. We usually go to Lifeway to get those items, but with them no longer being in Fort Wayne I wasn't able to get them in time. So thank you everyone for making our Good Friday be amazing!! Also want to thank Jacquie Aldrich and Three Rivers Distilling Company for giving us a free gallon of hand sanitizer. Thank you very much.

Was able to give a young man a tent he was needing as many are finding themselves scrambling for a place to stay. With shelters not taking anyone right now its hard. He was very thankful for it. Was able to meet a few new people and so many are thankful for a hot meal so thank you everyone for helping out with this ministry.

Tonight as we took communion and remembered what the day is really about it was special. One man said he recognizes how much Jesus has done for him. That Jesus took a beating for him and he needs to offer forgiveness to others as Christ has for him. This man now has his own place and is doing well. Seeing him come down and not wanting anything but just some time to talk and laugh sure is special. It also goes to show that doing this type of ministry is about relationship building not just food and clothing. Seems fitting with all that is going on this world to remember that friendships, family and others are so important.

Time seems to be something that I think we all could give more of to those around us. When you think about what Christ endured for you, me and those who will never accept Him and He did it anyways should challenge us. Challenge us to be kind when others are not. To be loving when others are hateful. To be slow to speak when others are spouting off. To just be more patient, able to listen longer and intentionally and show grace and mercy to others.

Also want to thank Erin Glassley for donating enough items to fill our friends new apartment. A bed set, outdoor table and chairs, entertainment center, and a few other things. Nick Reinoehl also gave him a tv and helped move all the donated HEAVY items. For our friend he said something very poignant. His friend was visiting his new apartment and said as he looked around "So this is what you get when your good?" Our friend said..."No, this is what God gave me....its about him." Very true point don't you think? Seeing where he is today from a year ago is truly a God thing and the beauty is he recognizes that and is determined to stay on track.

We are facing hard times right now in our world, but God is still the same today as He always has been. The world has changed and seems to be changing even more as well. There's more evil and darkness, but also goodness and light. Thankfully nothing is stopping us from being a well lit up loving and compassionate Church right now.

Happy Easter everyone and lets choose to remember what has been done for us so we can extend love to others.


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