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Friday Update For 3-12-21

Blessed Portion Update For 3-12-21

Hello Everyone:

Tonight we had good temps, good food, and great friends around us. Was nice to not be freezing so we could visit more with people. Saw a few friends that we haven't seen since last year. It's nice to hear what they have been up to and know that they are safe and doing well.

Our friend Lance (in the above picture) has had an amazing year. We have watched him come from uncertainty, loss, health issues, addiction, separation from family members to now a whole new life. Lance now has his own apartment, serves with us every week, has been baptized, is in recovery, has new friends, a church that he loves, restored to the family, got his license back, and as of last week has a car! God has done some amazing things in his life and we cannot express how amazing it is to watch. It has come with some challenges as this is a whole new way for him and yet he has come along so well and it's beautiful. It has been amazing over the last almost 10 years seeing the changes people are making, the determination of so many totally inspires us as a team.

So many friends I feel have not had much encouragement over the years, made so many mistakes that they give up and of course others give up on them as well. Lance's story along with many others remind us that there is always hope and that our job as Christ-followers is to walk with people no matter how long or bumpy that road is and just watch God move.

Thank you everyone for supporting us and this ministry. we have a huge team. We have those who serve on Fridays, small groups at Pathway Community Church who makes lunches each week, have Trinity English Lutheran Church who allows us to use their parking lot each week, several businesses who makes meals, we have drivers who help get people to church every Sunday, Mjs Apparel who is a drop off site for us each week, and many of you who donate items for us...that's a huge team and we are grateful for everyone who helps!!

So we had a great Friday night and as always we love that we GET to do this each week!! Have a great week everyone !!


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