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Friday Update For 2-26-22

Blessed Portion Friday Update

Hello Everyone,

Tonight we had a good meal from Granite Ridge Builders. Macaroni and Cheese, Ham, Oranges, Bananas—plenty of food to go around and it was yummy!! It takes a lot of perseverance to serve every month and we are so thankful for all of those who serve our friends! Not only do people make and bring food, but they genuinely care about our friends and it's amazing to see.

I have not been downtown for about a month because of a pesky sinus infection that would not leave me alone, so it was nice to finally be around everyone again. It was pretty cold out so not too many were out, but that is good in that we heard many had bed nights available.

Our good friend Duane who we've talked about several times who has had many health issues was downtown. He had a few toes removed last year and we thought maybe was going to be ok. Haven't seen him in a while but tonight he shocked us by being down there in his wheelchair and his foot was gone. It's always an interesting thing to handle because you don’t want to make a person feel worse by crying yourself but I did tear up. As in usual fashion though, he was smiling and joyful. He said that he plans to file for his disability, get his prosthetic, and go back to help spread the news of Jesus at the nursing home where he stayed for a bit. Again I teared up as I honestly said “I don’t know if I would have committed to serving in such a powerful way a week after I would have faced that.” –Just being honest. Thankfully Duane is not like me and I know God is going to use him as He always has and a lot of people will be shown what Jesus looks like through him—including me.

So it was a cold night, but we were able to give some much-needed items to people and again it’s a privilege to serve others…. over and over again Tommy and I are challenged and convicted by our friends and their faith walk. Thankfully God allows us to be a part of others' lives and it does make us better people.

We also do NOT need any donations right now so please hold off for a few more weeks if possible. We are doing ok with items and we appreciate all your willingness to give. Have a great week everyone!


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