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Friday Update For 11-12-2021

Blessed Portion Friday Update For 11-13-2021

Hello Everyone:

The update is a little late this week - sorry! But we had a very windy Friday for sure, but we had plenty of hot food (25 pizzas!!) We also thankfully had 3 tents we were able to put up which helped keep the food from blowing away.

To tell you how cold it was Friday....I got out of my van and was immediately asked by several men if I had a jacket for them. We had about 10 coats, but there were some sizes that were not working so my friend Kathy Coughlin Hartman came down and brought coats she had purchased and it worked out well. It was appreciated, but also doubly appreciated that she allowed her Friday night to be interrupted and brought us some jackets. One man was pretty cold and only wearing a thin jacket and some sweat pants. So our amazing team jumped into action and gave him some coveralls (which were too small but he didn't care because he knew he would at least be warm), gave him some gloves, a hat, a book bag, and a sleeping bag. He was pretty happy but shared how the streets are a scary place to be.

Then we have a couple who are dear friends and again we were able to give them some nice winter coats, and warm items. The lady was struggling because she didn't have a belt to keep her pants up so Rochelle Bloomfield-Wilson and I were tying two shoe strings together to make a belt, BUT then I found the belts !! Thankfully she was patient with us and we got the shoelaces removed and gave her a real belt!!

As you can see from the pictures posted here we did deliver ice cream and Michael Jordan brought a slice of cherry pie that he made!! So our friend was pleasantly surprised I think and he had 3 ice creams!!!!

The other picture is of a friend who is the sweetest thing. She had requested a few weeks ago a Bible that she could understand and she got one!! When she came to get it we noticed she didn't have a jacket, hat, or the moms on our team got her a brand new jacket with a nice hood, gloves, hat, and her Bible. She was so happy and we really have enjoyed getting to know her. She loves Jesus and is so kind.

So for all of you who donate items .....THANK YOU!! For those of you who donate financially THANKYOU!! We have been able to buy some Bibles, coats, hand warmers, and shoes and boots. Most of the items we buy are second-hand but still in good shape. So thank you very much!!

* Also our Christmas bags this year will be about 105. We are adding The Thirteen Step House Inc this year for Christmas so that is why the number is high. We are thankful they bring a meal the first week of the month, so we are happy to include them for Christmas. I will be posting a list this week for everyone and hopefully, we can fill the bags to the brim this year!!

Our needs for this week are THICK BLANKETS!!! We are out. I do go to The Salvation Army and The Goodwill but it's been hard to find thick blankets so if you have any you would be willing to part with please consider donating them to us.


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