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Friday Update For 10-15-21

Hello Everyone:

Tonight we had exactly one meal left thanks to Hallmark Home Mortgage-NMLS#53441 and their team. They brought Shepherds Pie, bananas, salad, dessert, and drinks. They brought the exact amount and it was yummy! We say it a lot but it's very true that it takes a lot of work and time to feed our friends each week and we're so thankful to those who serve so faithfully.

We were able to celebrate Little Miss Eliza's and her mama Cierra Braden Schroeders birthday tonight with cake and it was nice for us to take part in that. We also met a few new people and were able to help with a few necessities. As the weather is changing and getting cooler in the evenings were going to need some warm hoodies, weatherproof gloves, and jackets. Remember no women's clothing please as we do not have the need nor the room to store them.

Had the chance to talk with a lady friend who let us know she is a Christian and full of the Holy Spirit and proud of it. She wanted a large print women's Bible but we didn't have one, but assured her we would bring one next week and she seemed pretty happy to hear that and said she would for sure read it. She is in a women's facility right now but comes over each week to visit with us. A lot of times there are people who we see each week who are not homeless but need some people to be around and to feel that they are not alone in this world and we love it. Everyone has bad days, bad weeks, or years and having people in your life that can encourage you makes a huge difference. One lady couldn't stay for prayer but came up and said "Please remember me in your prayers...I cant stay for prayer but I am here (meaning in spirit) and that tugged at my heart. I don't know if too many would ever turn down someone praying for them.

We did have our Bible challenge time. Last week we had people read about Paul and his conversion. As we were going around hearing what others thought about it, I was reminded how amazing it is that people want to learn. The Bible is a huge book and for some when you say "Go read your Bible" that is hard for them because they really don't know where to start or even what version works best for them to understand. So downtown giving a small passage for others to read and get their take on it has been pretty cool to see.

Also, one praise report is our friend was able to get his wound vac off!! He's had it one for a while and finally, he is free from it. He had a pretty bad infection but is healing up nicely and we are so thankful! So all in all it was good to be downtown again, meet new people and be with old friends. Thank you everyone for helping us each week.

Thank you to Pathway Community Church, Grace Summit Church, Hamilton Church of Christ, Levi Follett, Jacquie Aldrich, Bailey, Rochelle Bloomfield-Wilson, Anna Zolman, MJS Apparel Screen Printing & Embroidery, Abby, Mr. Schwartz, Tracy Hine-Bullion, All the groups at Pathway who make sack lunches for us on Sundays...cannot tell you enough how amazing that is each week. Have a great week everyone!


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