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Friday Update For 10-1-2021

Blessed Portion Friday Update:

Hello Everyone,

Thank you, Toby Hendrickson , Michael Carter and The 13Th Step House for making goulash and a yummy salad!! We had plenty to go around and enough for seconds! We love these guys and admire the work and care that goes into that place. These men are working on their sobriety and yet they cook a meal for us the first week of every month and then come and serve it!! What a bunch of great men! I love seeing how so many different types of people come to serve with us, and the ways that they give back to others.

Talked with an old friend who we've known for several years. We have seen him sober and not sober...lately he has been sober and what a joy it is to see. He is eager to hear what next passage of scripture we are going to leave a challenge for our friends for the following week and just excited to learn.

He was talking about his sobriety and I asked how he does it and he said ...."I have all these people (He outstretched his hands and was letting me know that meant our group and he mentioned all the other church groups.) He said it's easier to stay sober when you have so many around you." I smiled and said "Yes."

It's always interesting to see how we all are the same in so many ways. Sometimes I think we say that homeless people are different from us...and/or we should look to find people who are different from us to serve, but JUST maybe it's also first that we are different TO them...just think about it for a minute. We can easily think that many are different from us--somehow without trying to putting ourselves a little above them, but we do. When in reality there are many people who look all put together and yet the inside they are struggling more than anyone knows. Their habits and addictions are present and nobody knows. They can hide behind jobs, friends, even the point is we all are the same.- just struggle in different ways.....and as my friend said..."We can be better when we do life together. " When we have an army of people around loving us and even challenging us to be better!!

So we had a great night and we had plenty of food and plenty of laughs and heartfelt communication. Thank you to Pathway Community Church, Grace Summit Church, Forrest Radcliff, Sonia Radcliff, Martin Schwartz, Tracy Hine-Bullion, Jo Anne 'Habegger' Emerick, Renee Eich- Curneal, Michael Casiano, Michael Jordan, Todd Plimpton, Jacquie Aldrich, Christina King, Cherrilyn Thomas, Linda Zeider Weyrick, MJS Apparel Screen Printing & Embroidery, Mark Stebing, Jennifer Lynne Diederich Stebing, and to all of you who drop off items for us each week. Please remember we do not need women's clothes- we do not have enough room to store all those items. Also, please out of respect for our drop-off sites please bag all clothes so they are not left loose. We have two drop-off sites and we want to be respectful of their generosity.

Thank you everyone- have a great week


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