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Friday Update 8-22-2020

Hello Everyone,

Thank you to Hallmark Mortgage, Tracy White, Rhonda Powell and everyone else who made grilled brats, potato salad, fresh fruit cups, cookies and drinks!! We had plenty of food for everyone and we appreciate all of you at Hallmark Mortgage for serving our mutual friends every month!!

Tonight we celebrated Dave's birthday with him!! He is doing so well and tonight helped us serve others. He has had a rough couple years and seeing him tonight being clear headed, hearing how he is getting his license back and working is AMAZING!!!! We also heard how one friend got a job and he is so happy to get started. Then even more good news we heard is one of our lady friends has been approved for an apartment and it has a bathtub!!! Something she had missed for a long time. We joked that if we don't hear from her it will be because she is soaking in her new tub for days!!! Looks like we will have to get her some bubble bath as a housewarming gift!!!

Also heard how others are struggling with the covid issues and their lack of work. It is putting a lot of pressure on people especially when they cant get their unemployment benefits. That then in turns makes it impossible to pay rent when your already paycheck to paycheck.

So many are in need of jobs, have health issues, women don't have places to stay and that leads to anger, depression, and just giving up. Many things we cannot fix, but we all can love, listen and help where we can. Its very difficult to be so far in the hole that you cant see your way out- so many factors. Tonight we were able to help in some small ways and make sure people had full bellies and for that we are thankful. Thank you to everyone for helping donate items to those we serve --trust me people are not taking tons of items...its just the bare necessities and were grateful we have them to give.

Thank you to Pathway Community Church, Grace Summit Church, Hamilton Church of Christ (Those hygiene bags are such a blessing), Jacquie Aldrich, Kathryn Hess, Christina Scheiber, Michael Casiano, Bernie Brady Wahl, Dave, Hallmark Mortgage, Tracy White, Rhonda Powell and their entire team, Forrest Radcliff, Sonia Radcliff, Nick Reinoehl.

*Remember to invite someone to church this week and maybe even offer to pick them up...never know may just change their life forever and just possibly yours as well!



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