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Friday update

Blessed Portion Friday Night Update For 10-8-2020

Hello Everyone:

Big thanks to Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church Fort Wayne for making and bringing Shepherd's pie, Zianos breadsticks, salad, and dessert. They always bring enough to feed an army and tonight was no different- many were able to have seconds.Thank you to Jackie Mangas, Marika,Trish and Bobby Poursanidis, and everyone from that group that each month that feeds our friends. You all are super special to us and we are thankful for your generosity each month.

We met a few new people tonight and we can tell you there is some panic in those who are new to the streets. One friend brought someone he knew could benefit from a hot meal and a few shirts. He is recently out of prison and is a little shell shocked. He was sharing how he had no where to stay and someone mentioned how there are many abandoned houses he could possibly sleep in. His answer was that was not going to work for him because it was wrong!! Not sure where he chose to sleep at but he is in good hands with our friend. Some would say "Of course he shouldn't even think of staying in a abandoned house because its illegal." That is true. However when your cold and have nowhere safe to sleep it can be tempting. For unknown reasons he chose to not go to a shelter and so we are thankful we were able to help him a little.

Met a new lady and at the end of the night she said that maybe next we could be her friend, because she doesn't have any. We said.... we are now friends and to that she smiled. She does not go to a shelter because of her pets and there is no convincing her to do so, so again we gave her some reading material she wanted along with some hygiene items.

We also talked with a lady friend who has moved her sleeping spot. She said she is trying to sleep where there is more light for her safety. Sad thing is while that is true, it also puts her at more risk. She is a strong woman for sure, but she is a woman and we don't want to see women sleeping outside anymore especially with winter coming.

Tonight we talked about as we got together to pray about peace. Having peace in our everyday life and how to get and maintain it. We shared how we just need to focus only on what is happening today and invite God into our minds and hearts. For me it's easy to get rattled about all kinds of things if I let my mind go crazy. I have to purposely focus on only today, what God is showing me and remember how wonderful He is. I have to take that step each day trusting He is in control and can do all things. That is easier said than done for sure, but there's so much coming against us in the times we live in, and it can rob us of joy and peace. The reality also is there are people who are sleeping outside, people who do not have addictions, people who do. People who are just out of prison and some who are in their own personal prison and cant get free. We do the best we can with what we have been given and hope that we can encourage everyone to trust Jesus and in His peace. Whether you sleep outside or not, whether your a drug addict, alcoholic or not, have mental health issues or deserve the chance to know Jesus is enough and loves you....and that is our mission!!

Thank you to Pathway Community Church, Hamilton Church of Christ, Grace Summit Church, Mr. Swartz, Sonia Radcliff, Forrest Radcliff, Jacquie Aldrich, Christina Scheiber, Michael Casiano, Jennifer Born, John Gayday, Kyle Martin, Cherrilyn Thomas, Christina King, Randy Thomas, MJS Apparel Screen Printing & Embroidery, and everyone who keeps items coming. We are down one drop off site so thank you everyone for continuing to clean out your closets and give to those in need. Remnder: We do not need any womens or childrens clothing at this time. Thank you everyone!!


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