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Friday Update 5-1-2020

Blessed Portion Friday Night Update

Hello Everyone,

Tonight we had the pleasure of celebrating Jim's birthday with him. The cards that play music were a big hit for him because we all know Jim loves music!! Its nice to be able to celebrate birthdays with those we love isn't it? Little things can mean alot to someone and we are thankful to call him a friend. Saw several who have been staying at St. Marys Church and it was great to reconnect. Been a long time since we have seen our friends at the Mission and the ones who were sent to the church. People seem to be doing ok through all this virus stuff, but again many are looking forward to the day when things start to reopen. With the library, and many fast food places being unable to allow people in its been a challenge.

Tonight was filled with pizza, cookies, chips and alot of little faces which always makes things fun. One little girl who is 4 came up right away and said "Hi Gina!" She sure is a cutie and according to her she LOVES pizza and Baby Shark-- and she has the clearest blue eyes ever!!! Its fun to sit on the concrete with little ones and have dinner together listening to their little voices!!! Also talked with several who are trying to make some adjustments in life that will hopefully bring them a little more peace. Making adjustments as we all know is not always easy, so praying for them to have the courage to move forward.

Also had the privilege to serve with Lance Welborn. He serves with us every week and its been so wonderful to see the transformation in his life. He is more settled in his life and gives God all the glory and credit.

So tonight was good and we had alot friends come out as well as Pastor Gary from Trinity English Church. He has been gracious enough to let us use the parking lot every Friday. Its been a great spot for us and we are thankful for their support.

Thank you everyone for supporting us each week--we are so thankful each week we have what we need to give to those who need!! Have a great week!


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