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Friday Update

Hi Everyone,

Blessed Portion Friday Night 6-5-2020 Hello Everyone: Thank you Amber Gaskill for making such a hearty meal of corn, green beans, sausage, potatoes and fresh strawberries for dessert! We had just enough for everyone including several to go's for a young man and his family. Being downtown this Friday was more peaceful than the previous week and for that we are thankful. We still have a long way to go in our country, but it was good to see some of the chaos being put to the side. The song with this post is being sung by a young man who came with one of our volunteers Maria Christina Aldrete and he such is a fine young man. We happen to hear him singing a little and asked if he would sing for us as we circled up to pray....and he did. Simple song of 'Jesus loves me' but oh so powerful and even more powerful was this young mans demeanor of being so young. He and his 5 siblings and mother live in a hotel and they have many needs and yet he came to serve..........and served with a smile and a kind heart. He doesn't have a lot and yet when he sang that song I think for all us we were reminded that we have A LOT when we can fully understand Jesus does love us. We as a huge group including the friends we serve decided to all bring a canned good item next week for our newest younger friend and his family. I am excited to see who participates in this challenge. We also were able to surprise Jim with Olivia Ghent visiting us!!! They are very close buddies and he was soooo happy to see her again----so were we!!! We also were able to give out many items to people who are new to the streets...gave out several tents and book bags. Many will be happy when the Rescue Mission is able to reopen and take people, its hard to find a safe area to sleep and reside at . So we are needing to help out our newest little friend and his family with clothing and food. We also need to help a woman friend and her son out. They were at the Charis house but now they have their own place to move into and they need help!!! This lady helps us serve every week and we want to help her out as much as we can. I am posting a list of sizes of clothes for our "little friends family" and household items for our lady friend and her son....lets show them how much the body of Christ can bless them!!!!! * BOY 4 YEARS OLD 10-11 shoes, 5 t shirts and shorts, socks and underwear(size 4 t) *GIRL 6 YEARS OLD 13-1 size shoe, shirts size 7-8, shorts size 7-8, socks, underwear size 7-8 *BOY 10 YEARS OLD - (Our singer) shoes size 7.5, shirts xl, pants xl, socks, xl boxers *GIRL 13 YEARS OLD 6.5 shoes, size 14/16 shirts and shorts, socks and underwear BOY 14 YEARS OLD Shoe size 10, shirts size x large, shorts 32/32 or x large, socks, boxers FRIEND AND SON NEW HOME Two beds 2 Dressers, Dishes Pots and Pans Household Items Towels Cleaning Items Cups Silverware Couch Kitchen Table and Chairs Sheets and blankets So this is a big list but I know we can get it done if we all work together!!! Thankyou everyone for supporting us each week and we are so blessed to do this ministry!!!


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