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Friday Update 2-7-2020

Hello Everyone,

Tonight we had our favorite spaghetti from some of our favorite people at St. Joe Church of Christ, Jason & Vicki Holman, RJ Brown and his family............have to say we love their cooking!!

At the first stop we celebrated Stacy Bird's birthday with a card, cake and some heartfelt singing...not sure how well we sounded!!

Several were telling us about how there are more and more evictions and so many are struggling. One friend was having a hard time as there isn't any intake for weekend shelters for women. She has worked hard to remove herself from the things that are not good for her, but is still outside. Our advice was to call Charis House on Monday to see if she can get in. We gave her a heavy sleeping bag and some hand warmers for the night.....hard to see such a young lady out on the streets.

One lady friend mentioned as we circled up how important it is to be kind and encouraging to each other. How kindness can change someones day and life and we agree. We listened also has many shared how they need some healing in their hearts, family relationships, addictions, and able to give God the opportunity to walk with them in this crazy life. It's equally a beautiful thing when we can listen to Gods word and pray together. There are those times when you can hear a pin drop and I'm telling you I tear up every time. To also have the freedom to talk about and to the God who created us is a GIFT.

Thank you everyone who donated this week. We gave out A LOT of coats, gloves, hats and socks- so thank you! We still need men's winter clothing....NO WOMEN'S or CHILDREN'S though please. Also please remember we only pick up on THURSDAYS as we have so much to do so please make sure all items are not there after Thursdays. We so appreciate everyone who helps us.


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