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Friday Update

Blessed Portion Friday Update For 12-17-2021

Hello Everyone,

Well, it was raining again on our way down and then it stopped just in time for us to be out with our friends. We had goulash, salad, breadsticks, cookies, and water from Hallmark Mortgage and as always, we had just enough. As many know we end our night at The 13Th Step House and tonight was no different. There were a couple guys we have known for over the years there and it was nice to see familiar faces. One man said that he was feeling hopeless and didn’t have anything to eat and then we walked in…and we had two to go’s and he was happy. It’s easy to forget that there are many who are hungry- who knows what happened that day that they were unable to get food and were thankful we had enough. It was nice to catch up with him again and looking forward to hopefully seeing him again.

Also met a man earlier in the night who came just as we were packing up and he needed shoes. He had a pair on, but they didn’t have laces and were a size too small. We didn’t have his exact size, but one a whole size bigger with laces and he was happy to have them. He said that he wanted to donate his current shoes to maybe someone who needed them and so we took them. We also gave him some food and as we left, he said with a huge smile on his face “Thank you for blessing me.” It was a cold wet night, and we were in our warm cars, and he was left putting his stuff in his bookbag and yet seemingly so happy…. makes one think about how goofy we can be when we have so much.

We also had two National Geographic Magazines donated and one of our friends LOVES those. He was happy to have them, so much so that he started reading them as we were talking. We left earlier then we normally do so he could continue reading in peace! Again, we have so much, and it makes you wonder... “Do I appreciate fully all what I have at my disposal?”

So our night was cold but good and we gave away several coats and gloves. Next week we are doing Christmas with our friends on Christmas Eve and were pretty excited. Thank you to everyone who is helping donate items for our friends, and remember we need all items by the 21st as we are putting the bags together then. Thank you everyone!


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