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Friday Update

Blessed Portion Update-- Hello Everyone,

Sorry, this is late--but we had a good night. Granite Ridge Builders brought breakfast for dinner. We had egg and hash browns casserole, drinks, and cookies. I am always so inspired by the amount of work that goes into feeding 70 people. Marcus was pretty happy because they had hot sauce on hand!!! that always makes him happy. Pray for him as he had surgery last week and is waiting for some test results to come back. It is hard to be on the streets coming out of surgery so we pray he will be able to keep his surgical areas clean and not get some sort of infection.

We were able to talk with many and help them as they needed some basics such as socks, bookbags, and hygiene items. We did meet an interesting man later in the evening. He shared how he believes the burning bush in the Bible was actually a fire started by canibus. There were a few other things he shared that didn't line up to us as far as what is true, but it is always interesting to see and hear what others believe and why they believe it. The plan is for him to come next Friday with his Bible and share things he believes are true--so it will be interesting.

Heard some great news in that one of our friends will no longer be on the streets--he will have a place of his own!! Another man shared how he is getting all the little things done in his life that needs to be done. Filling out a housing authority application, getting a job, and just being dedicated to changing his life around. Also yesterday I was happy to see my friend Chumly who I get every week for church outside waiting for me. Then headed over to the old mission area and saw 3 people waiting for a ride. One friend has been wanting to come but had to get some things done first, but came this week. I often when I make that turn to pick people up think of Dallas and miss his smile and crazy hair!! he would always get in the van and say "Hello Mrs. Burns." And then we would talk football or whatever else he wanted to share. He is missed for sure, but I'm thankful for those who choose to wait for a ride to go to church. I am thankful to see our friends worship Jesus Christ so freely on Sundays...and I'm thankful God allows Tommy and me get to do this. It's an honor to serve others and one we are very well aware that has changed US!

We have many volunteers who make sack lunches every week at Pathway Community Church, people who drive and pick others up for us because we don't have enough room, businesses who let us use their place as a drop off site, people who donate time, resources and tangible items and people who pray for our friends and this ministry. One example is Hamilton Church Of Christ (Marti Freed) dropped off hygiene kits for us and she makes them with big bottles of shampoo etc...I came home and they were on my porch!! So many good people who give so please know we are thankful for you and we do ALL THIS TOGETHER!!! So thank you everyone and may God bless you. Know that God is on the move and people's lives are being changed.


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