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Friday Update

Blessed Portion Friday Update For 7-16-21

Hello Everyone,

Tonight we had great food from Traci White, Rhonda Powell, and the team from Hallmark Mortgage. We had watermelon, bbq pulled pork sandwiches, cookies, water, coleslaw and there was plenty to go around. Thank you Hallmark for serving plenty of food and for just being who you are.

If anyone noticed it was RAINING like crazy Friday around 8:30 and our team was soaked. Savannah Dize, Bre Haugland brought many girls from Pathways youth ministry, and let me tell you those girls worked hard tonight. We have a couple who are outside and with all the rain we're having it has been extremely hard for their items to stay dry. They needed some blankets so we offered to take them to their site. While there we had an idea to take two tarps, tie them together and make somewhat of a shelter for their existing tent. Now that may sound all good BUT it was dark and were dripping! We found a sewing kit, some old material and tied the tarps up on higher tree branches to help give some shelter...these girls were on it! We worked together and made it happen, and were able to set up another tent for them to put their other items in that were currently in the rain. I heard one girl say she had never set up a tent before!! So picture many people working in the dark, pouring rain without complaining, and making it happen for two people who can barely survive....that is God at work. I saw so many working for a couple they didn't even know, but knew they needed help---that is Jesus, my friends.

I am always up and ready for an adventure and so is our team and that is what I love!! Usually, after we serve we head to IHOP and just hang together. We went this Friday even though we were wet and could use a hot shower. I actually had a small twig in the back of my hair and leaves on my feet as I walked in and Jennifer Born was equally as soaked...and no one complained!! I hope we all serve others so much that there is always a twig in our "hair." That "twig" that represents it's not about us. Those "wet leaves "on our shoes that says "I'll go wherever you want to me to Jesus --I'll do it whenever you ask and not just when it's comfortable and convenient for me. " We need to remember others are praying to God for certain things and we could be the answer if allow God to use us. It's going to be messy for sure, but nothing is as hard or "messy" as being beaten and dying on a cross....that my friends is hard and we will never be in that let's be all into those around us!!

Thank you to Pathway Community Church, Grace Summit Church, Hamilton Church of Christ, Dale Bullion, Traci Bullion, Todd Plimpton, Rochelle, Toby Hendrickson, Rhonda Powell, Traci White, Hallmark Home Mortgage-NMLS#53441, Savannah Dize and her whole crew, and the many of you who keep items in our bins and who help support us---Thank you!

*** Also remember we are having our fundraiser on August 1st at 1:00 at The Kendallville Learning Center. Todd Allen Herendeen will be our featured guest and he is going to give us a great show. We are also having a silent auction. Some items are A squire electric guitar from Sweetwater, Golf memberships, Pizza Hut ( 1 large pizza a month) for a year, an electric smoker, many hair salon gift bags, a black and decker weed wacker, dog grooming package, Gift Certificates for Proximo, Baker Street, Hoppy Gnome, and many more items. We also will have a plate of food for 5.00. Tickets can be bought at the door and or let me know here and I will get one to you they are 7.00 each.

Thank you everyone have a great week!


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