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Friday Update

Hello Everyone:

Friday was EXTREMELY windy for us, however, we had at one time 8 people holding the tents down for us and I have to say our team and our friends are always willing to pull together and make Friday happen.

Thanks to Granite Ridge Builders we had cookies, breadsticks, baked spaghetti, and water. Again we are thankful for them and their faithfulness to feed our friends on the last week of the month EVERY month.

Tonight was a night of seeing two old friends. One friend I have not seen in a couple years and it was nice to see him again and to hear him singing some songs from The Temptations, The Manhattans, Marvin Gaye, and a few others. He has always loved his jazz music and it was good to see him. We also saw our friend who travels back and forth from Kentucky to see extended family there. Was nice to see him come down and get a full belly....and some things never change...he needs a watch!! So we will bring him one next Friday.

We didn't have a big crowd but CC and her newest little bundle of joy James stopped for a minute and let us peak in the car. He looks just his daddy for sure!

We took time to circle up and pray as we always do and even though it was windy people still stuck around for prayer and you know we love that!

Thank you very much everyone for helping us each week. Please remember we do not need women's or children's clothing--just men's jeans and shirts. Sorry for the late posting! Have a great week everyone.


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